Can we please revisit the Event Log?

I know Joel explicitly addressed the event log in one of the last few dev streams, and basically stated it was here to stay. His reasoning, so he said, was so people would stop blaming chinese hackers for destroying people’s bases. But let’s be honest, is that really a ‘problem’ in this game? Sure, in EA, we dealt with exploiters, but rampant exploitation/hacking across all servers was not really a problem, and now that we are out of EA, is virtually non-existent.

The event log breeds several problems which I see as bad for this game. For one, the event log does assist alpha clans in their server dominance. As soon as any alpha has an item destroyed in their log, it gives them a sense of ‘permission’ to go squash their perceived foe. Personally, I’d just rather them not feel like they need an excuse to go attack anyone, but rather, just go do it because they feel like it, not because the event log triggered them.

The event log also prevents solo players and small clans from feeling like they can go after larger clans. Really, many aspects in this game tilt towards large groups having the advantage. If someone wants to go rogue and enact guerrilla warfare tactics, it’s incredibly difficult to do so with the even log in the game. I’d like to see the small groups or solo players actually be able to cause trouble for larger clans. This could also help prevent large clans from building too many bases - no event log, no warning you’re being attacked.

The event log can also add fuel to the fire from whiny babies who shouldn’t even be on the PvP server in the first place. If they get attacked, all they do is sit there crying about how ‘so n so’ griefed them. Really? Grow a pair and play the game.

I could add more reason to get rid of the event log, but to me, these are some of the highlights in short order. I could expound upon them more, but I’m sure the community could help me here.

And to add a little qualifier to my comments - I’m from an alpha clan. I really don’t need to know who attacked me. I’d like to see more people try, but many do not because they’re afraid of the event log and retaliation. It makes things… boring. Conan is an brutal survival world, and it should be brutal for the alphas as well.


I agree, the event log takes away the investigation on the enemy. The event log should work for purges and clan members (or you) when destroy something in your base to make modifications.

I can even think that the event log could work for offline raiding as a punishment. If one player of the raided clan is online, then the event log wouldn’t show the attacker.


I wouldn’t even mind an event log for… well, events, but without the cause, i.e. Player_X Destroyed …

Just show that a door, wall, brazier, etc was destroyed. That wouldn’t be a bad compromise. But really, I do not care to know who destroyed what, or be alerted that someone just kicked in my door. I’d rather come back to my base and be “WTF!?”. It adds an element of danger and suspense. I mean, there’s no event log for stuff getting stolen from your open stations? So why have one for stuff that gets destroyed?

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I would prefer the event log be removed from the game completely. I feel like it really ruins an entire dimension of combat around awareness/vision.

But, I would compromise and ask that player names at least be anonymized/de-identified. Sure, tell us that yes - it was indeed a player that killed that thrall or destroyed that building, but not who.


These are some interesting points.

I like the event log, but it needs improvement.

  • Make it scrollable and show ALL events in the past 24 hours. Most clans will have someone logging at least once and can then see what’s been going on.

  • Give people the option to name their individual clan bases - which probably needs some system to define blocks in vicinity as a base - but atm our clan has about 8-10 bases spread out and it makes jack sh$t sense to me what ‘Sandstone Foundation’ destroyed means because it could be anywhere…

  • Next; usually it’s because we’ve been offline raided and while you start to recognise perps repeating their actions over time, it’d be useful to add a column to show which clan raided you. Also because the player who did raid you might not be online when you come online and then you don’t have any way of seeing who it was or determine which clan he/she is part of.
    Idgaf which player destroyed something, revenge will be taken out on their entire bloody clan! Mwahaahaa :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In pvp sure, but in pve just no.

These are all useful reasons to have an event log, but I don’t see them as outweighing the many cons we end up seeing. Most notably giving large clans a big advantage over the rogues, and also contributing to the whining we see on servers when some experiences even one thing being destroyed by another player.

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What if they changed it altogether. Instead of having the event log, there would be trails of evidence left for some time. The more that gets destroyed, in combination with how many people are in on the raid, the longer the evidence will linger in game telling who has attacked you.

So for a solo player doing a guerilla style attack pinpointing his way into an alpha base, chances are smaller that the evidence trail will linger long enough for the alpha clan players to discover it, whereas a full-blown raid that destroys lots of walls will leave a lasting trail of evidence so that revenge can be exacted.

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Wow, that’s a really cool idea. No idea how’d they work that into this game’s mechanics, but definitely a cool idea!

I’d at least like the ability to disable it or make it admin only on a private server. People attack less now, the two biggest guilds ally up and smash anyone who shows up on their log, so now they have big T1 ugly bases everywhere. Used to be you could at least play the big groups against each other, but now they have this artificial trust built.

Having to farm up a bunch of gods to wipe multiple bases at once isn’t fun but is basically what has to be done now.


Absolutely agree.
Absolutely agree.
Absolutely agree.

Yesterday I left the server where I was playing because a clan of 20+ (yes 20 ppl, Legion, Legion II, Legion III) blocked the best spots not for live, for block the rest of the players… They caught me destroying a foundation thanks to the Event Log … There is no sense in the Event Log except to favor the Alphas, it has to be removed now or the game experience is loaded.


I think it’s pretty clear beyond anecdotal evidence that the cons of the event log outweigh the pros. I have hopped to a couple different servers as well to see what’s going on and so many large clans have mutual defense pacts instead of beating the crap out of each other. PvP servers are turning into personal PvEC playgrounds for the alphas who control it. A guerilla group is not able to get on a server and challenge them due to the event log.