Disable Event Log for PvP

I like a certain level of immersion and fair play in pvp. The event log is far too detailed. Part of the fun is reaching through noob windows a robbing them blind and in some cases, leaving behind better loot than what you take. :slight_smile: Also, if you build an unprotected animal pen in the open with gold producing rock noses, you deserve to be robbed. If you happen to be in line of sight of their thrall, then I could handle a note in the event log… but as it is, I doubt the a.i. can do that. As for anyone blowing up my base, I would prefer it be anonymous. I’d rather catch them in the act. The only exception would be if a Thrall was murdered. I can pretend other Thralls found out from the victim who did the deed.


This indeed makes no sense for PvP, they should make Event Log only works for desctuction, not looting.

May be too late in the game, but it should have been set up as "when you are online, and something is destroyed, it says player, but no names. If you are offline when it (the actual event) happened, give the players name/clan. this would hopefully have pushed to more online raiding.

As i have said before, if you remove the who done it, then need to hide the player list as well. The raiders should have to deal with scouting to know how many of a clan are online, not a quick 10 second glimpse at a screen. These should be tied together hand in hand. No log, no player list.

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Except some things leaving no trace in Event Log, like disappearing random buildings.

I disagree with your Statement. now your actions have consequence… get some!

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Yes the npc/thrall Close by will observ and report the actions, never sen a fantasy/history drama when and unkonwnd did somthing the hero Always find out who did it!

I definitely agree with removing a whose online list but as a stranger how would a thrall report your name to the boss? Your just another exile.

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