Event log compromise

Wanted to suggest a couple of compromises for the current event log name debate.
(1) easy to implement. Remove names for the unauthorised inventory access but keep them for building destruction events. That way lowbies get to steal a couple of fish from the alpha clan without getting annihilated (seriously I didn’t realise that there were such jerks playing the game), but if you get offline raided you at least know whose butt to whoop.
(2) harder to implement. Names removed unless one of your thralls witnessed the theft/ destruction.

As an absolute minimum at least allow server admins to switch the names on and off depending on their own preference.

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This seems like the best compromise, because it means that if you are planning on breaking something, you better commit to leaving no witnesses behind. It also creates a need for the property owner to have thralls placed or risk knowing nothing.

The other side of this is that now a quick smash-and-grab becomes ‘we better raze it to the ground just to be safe.’ However, I think that overall this idea will encourage players to strategically hide their informants and make people feel more secure about being offline.

When making this suggestion, I was thinking of Skyrim, where your bounty is removed if the last witness is killed. I’m not sure how easy out would be to write into the game though.

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