Event Log - I want to see more

The event log needs to be more useful.

Some ideas:

  • allow players to name bases, have the base name feed into the event log so you know where the attack is taking place.
  • or… note the nearest marker on the event log so you know where the attack is taking place
  • allow the event log to be scrollable seeing a list of “NAME Foundation” for example helps no one. Maybe consolidate the list if the same item is being destroyed in chronological order allowing it to be minimized.
  • Place timestamps next to the item that was destroyed

Right now in its current state its only useful when you own one location (as you know where it is) or to simply know the user that is attacking you. However if your base is being rolled and multiple players are assisting; you only know the one person that does the destruction.

Anyone want to chime in on what I have suggested.


Completely agree with the above. I’d also love to see a mobile alert or email to notify a user when being attacked.


I like the idea of naming a base, but how are we meant to do that?
As the system is now, I cant really see how that is supposed to work.
Maybe if the first foundation placed being made something like a parent/master/whatever and given a name and then to have everything attached to it (and inside the landclaim) share that name…?
But I dont know if that would work…

Naming buildings would be pretty sweet. I feel like it would be a strong move to improve how buildings work.

We already have decay being calculated for the building overall — seems logical to add more variables to the building.

This could enable exchanging buildings, setting door or thrall permissions for certain buildings, or even ‘conquering’ a building.


Exchanging buildings and enterence allowance would be amazing. Also have a few layers to the enterence allowance like

  • access to building
  • access to chests or even
  • access to certain chests