A solution to the event log

My idea is this; when you check your event log, all the decay info is there, however, if you want to see who attacked your thralls, stole your stuff or damaged your building, you would have to go to see an ‘oracle’ npc and pay a small fee like 2 silver to see the info.

The oracle should be somewhere easy to get to, but slightly inconvenient, perhaps close to the start area or something. This way, if someone steals say fish or kills a thrall, it’s not worth investigating, but if someone is actively stealing your fish or breaking in or did big damage, you’d make the trip to see who it was!

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Sounds interesting. :cowboy_hat_face:

It is easy to bypass event log.

Exemple a clan of 3 peoples :

  • 2 are in the clan, main base, not raiding or stealing anyone. Called ZZZ
  • 1 is not in the clan, little 2x2x1 hidden somewhere to sleep. Called YYY

The ZZZ give bombs, armor, weapons … to the YYY who go raiding and give back loot to the ZZZ.

Every one on the server will be looking after the base of YYY … who do not have a base :slight_smile:

Not all of us have friends :slight_smile:

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