Remove Event Log and Player List


Solo players and small clans does not dare to attack larger clans in fear of retribution because of Event Log. There is no room for thrilling rogue raids. I’m apart of a medium sized clan who sort of sits on the top of our server, and nobody wants to attack us because of Event Log. It should be as it was before, its too easy to just check event log every 5 min to see if a small base on the other side of the map is under attack, and who is attacking. Its a game without modern technology, so it dosent really make sense to have Event Log.

And Player List aswell. Shouldnt be possible to see whos in certain clans. It used to be that you would have to “gather intelligence” to find out who is playing with whom. Now its just a press of a button, and you know who is in which clan and if that clan is on or not. Ruins the thrill of uncertainty.


Bumping for justice


A) This dramatically reduces faulty bug reports. (“My furnace disappeared!”)

B) People are/were tracking players through Battlemetrics, Steam, and other meta-game sites

C) There are many instances where this creates PvP

D) There are many ways to work around logs if you really want to remain anonymous – get creative


Agree whole hearted with it, the events log was a tool for early access, now its a meta game tool.
Player list is not so bad but I think it is still a meta game tool.
As an alternative it could be turned into an admin only command and show log from each player.


I agree as well. The event log can also be “abused”, raiders only raiding buildings when owners are offline


That is called meta game, using a rule or tool outside of normal gameplay to abuse the game.
In this case in no way the game chracters would have access to a event log or player list that discloses clan members and level.


As previously mentioned it is fairly easy to circumvent the Event Log if you are creative. Also given that the tools are available inside the environment and prescribed rule set of the game they are not instances of Meta gaming.

I do think that Game play would be a bit more interesting without the Event Log or Player List but without server chat it might be difficult to make a server feel cohesive without them.