Remove Player List

The player list has always been a real issue with me, I have used it to my advantage and had it used against me many times. If I plan to raid a tribe then I should not have the ability to press start and see that they have all gone offline before proceeding for that easy offline raid loot.

Please remove the Player List or give an option for people to opt out of appearing on it.


Agreed, many people are using this. Not fair for a game like this.


Remove it from pvp servers or remove it completely?

It’s a nice addition on a pve server when looking for people to team up with and do dungeon runs.


I can’t see it being an issue leaving it on PVE servers but if the choice was to either remove it entirely or have it on both then the cons for PVP outweigh the pros for PVE.


I agree completely, I love the thrill of having to do the detective work of finding people and what clan they belong to, plus unless I really scope out a place I have no idea if it’s a live raid and that makes it so much more fun.

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it should be removed completely because it lists more than just your character. It lists your clan and your steamID as well. Also the eventlog should only be available to admins.


For now on consoles it is our only means of communication since we don’t have a chat box and voice chat is broken, so until they fix that it would need to be PC only I would say.

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Also can you not use the steam interface anyway to see who’s online on your server so even if they did take away the player list on pc you would still be able to see who’s online?

Until the global chat is added for consoles I feel the player list is needed. Also not a fan of not having an event log. If someone raids you then you should be able to retaliate.


It would be nice if its a toggled optioned for server Admins because many private server have a no offline raiding rules.

i dont use it, and i never used it AND i dont have any plans starting to use it. But yes… It should be removed from the game for all reasons mentioned above

why should you be able to retaliate if someone raids you? If someone robs your house can you check your house log to see who did it? No, you have to investigate. Someone should be able to rob your house then tell you the big mofos down the river did it. That’s survival.

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Now that I think about it, I have to agree… it ruins PvP big time. If it isn’t going to be completely removed from PvP servers then at least hide clan names or make it an option to hide your name/appear offline.

It’s a mute point. You’ve always been able to go through steam to see who is or isn’t online. Removing the player list wouldn’t change this. This is something you need to take up with Valve.

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Well the event log serves its purpose and it’s very important but the player list is just way too blatant and invasive, specifically on PvP servers where players/clans wait until the their enemie’s names aren’t on the player list before they raid.

There’s not much element of surprise with it being there and showing who’s who, what clan they’re in and when they’re online or offline.

Agree… ~Neigh


I strongly disagree, and believe it’s a permanent requirement.

It lets you know who you’re playing with. Matching names to SteamIDs in case a hacker needs to be reported.

It also lets you know the active clans, and their sizes. You can know who you want to fight against, and who wouldn’t be a fair fight. It lets you immediately ‘size up’ clans.

Plus it tells you the current levels of the servers players. You can tell at a glance who has been there for a while, and who has just joined.

It’s a requirement for muting players as well, which is a feature required for consoles and which cuts down on harassment.

The alternative is for more experienced users to just use BattleMetrics to see whether players from other clans are online. Removing the player list doesn’t fix that. That is what we used before to do the same thing. It gave an unfair advantage to experienced players, so we got a better (in-game) tool that does the same thing.

The player list was a huge gain when it was added, and now you’re asking for it to be removed?

Love your vids, bro =]


YES, players should NOT be able to see who is online and OFFLINE since it is used to raid offline. This list should be REMOVED.

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I agree with you. 100%