New player list is annoying

Why after abandoning the idea of removing the player list unless you talk in global is it back and now on all servers? I thought the choice was made not to go through with it based on player feed back and uproar. I mean it’s literally pointless and holds no value. I can still check battlematrics and it still tells me at this moment who all is online. I think this is a bad idea personally. Arent we past Early Access why is so much being changed? Sure, fix exploits, bugs, undermeshers and I’m all for new maps and new content but trying to pull a move to help players be more sneaky? Lol if they cannot achieve this on their own without the help of funcom they probably shouldn’t be trying to be sneaky


Actually I think this is to help with offline raiding if you don’t see them on the player list you don’t know if there online or not … so you want to raid someone then fight them whether there on or off

Actually I think this is to help with offline raiding if you don’t see them on the player list you don’t know if there online or not … so you want to raid someone then fight them whether there on or off

As an often solo player that has been raided when I have been offline many times, I think removing the player list is asinine.

Conan used to be 24/7 raiding and by placing restricted hours on raiding, there really is no such thing as offline raiding anymore. Everyone knows the hours of vulnerability and has a choice in servers with differing hours. If someone is not logged in during the raid hours on the server they selected, that is on them regardless of the reasoning.

To remove the only feature players have in game for accurately obtaining the static real steam id of the exponentially growing number of exploiters and hackers to appease the few that do not log in DURING DESIGNATED RAID HOURS to defend their property, is one of the most asinine decisions I have ever seen by any company in any game.


another good for PvP, bad for PvE, and PvP always wins

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We are pvp lol. for over 7k hours now. I don’t think its good its pointless. Just remove the whole player list as it literally servers no purpose or function now.
Also like to note, steam wins in the end. Go to view players “CURRENT” session…look at that all the player list funcom blocks right there


PVE C servers are all now super quiet. For like…0 reason.

It was pointless to remove it. I just use steam now to see who is online that isn’t in my clan and in discord.
Its not making it easier for new players or other players trying to hide that they are logging on to raid. It just needs to be reverted back imo or just completely removed from the menu.

we actually had so many discusions why its bad for pvp too. Even pvp servers had communities or at least action in talking even though they raided each other later on but for connection especially in the beginning on a new server there has always been communication if you needed help you asked for it. Now servers are dead. No one is talking anymore not even in clan because you’re seen then too.

For the exploiters aspect its even worse. There are maybe some okayish effect this feature bring but the negative ones are just so heavy you shouldnt pull through.

45 from 60 people think the playerlist change was bad and i think that number got its reasons.

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Im solo PvP

This is one of the best updates ever.

Thing is… It isn’t helping you. Just looking at the players list through steam shows you.

I am often solo on servers and I think this is one of the worst updates.

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I just hide my steam? Call in 3204710hfg9sehfe if i want, they cant figure i remove my nickname, easy

It has killed off all communication on the server. Just feels more dead than usual. It’s stupid and pointless


Yea, the chat is completely dead now. Nobody talks nobody even dares to ask for help.

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The problem is steam making the player info available. As people stated, you can see by using steam, or battle metrics, which uses the steam info. But even that wouldn’t help, because there are still people who know how to track you, even if Steam stopped providing the info.

I long for the days when I was a kid, and games were fair, because they weren’t electronic, and thus not easy to exploit, or cheat at, and if you got caught cheating, you weren’t anonymous. Everyone knew who you were.

Smart player memorize steam ids even 123. We did and we can tell who is online via steam bases on steam id and how many 123 is there. also you can track steam id through another website where 123 doesnt work :slight_smile:

It has both positive and negative aspects I think, but unlike the event logging anonymity change which i think was reverted far too quickly I’d like to see this kept live for a longer period so people can properly adapt to it and see what the effects are.

I’ve noticed both plenty of global chat (and the usual abuse) but also a decline in general conversation also. I think removing the ability to scout via the player list is a massive positive - but countered by the steam player list. You CAN have a degree of anonymity by changing your steam name, but i am not a fan of that (and don’t do it either).

I’m on the fence. I think it needs some tweaking. I do wish that PVE and PVP server settings could be independently handled because these kinds of debates with PVE vs PVP are simply not applicable. The issues that affect PVE players are very different from those that affect PVP players. I have zero interest in the PVE aspect of the game (as in, the PVE player base), my only concern being PVP servers, but i do agree they shouldnt all be painted with the same brush.

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