Can you please put back players list urgently?

You kill any interactions between players in PVP. And once again PVP is 99% of the time PVE. Fighting and raiding are a very, very, very smal part of the game.

I use battlemetrics to chosse a PVP server to play, checking players time on server, etc … Now everyone is called - !

Please stop ruining the game with stupid decisions like this (last ones was ruining trebuchet, bombs and roll …).

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There are people that pay for the game and do want no player list and no event log names to show. Sure, we said add a server toggle for it.

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They dont listen players.That is why many will leave Conan when in May come game New World.Its enought hackers/bug users.See my video what we record yesterday.This need to be fixed asap because they are threat for all server.They attacking and raid all players on server and hide all items in undermesh and no one cant raid them back and to got items back.

To not say how FUNCOM destroy all gameplay with new trebuchet

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