Do the servers have admins?

This is a question I have due to strange happenings on 1088 these past two days, a clan named the ones and a clan named unabomber had their bases basically deleted with no acknowledgement from an admin and have since left the server, today our land claims around our base have completely disappeared including a wheel of pain in our courtyard and a t2 Jhebbal sag temple.

It shows in our event log " Building was demolished by . "

Land claims are essential on PvP servers due to the damage trebuchets are capable of, there are no rules to my knowledge against land claims, is this the work of an admin or do we have a hacker on the server?

Edit: Just to mention some more, we went from owned building pieces of roughly just over 12k down to 7.6k, we’re not the only clan on the server this has happened to.

Official servers? Nope. Now if a clan had built a base that was in violation and it had been reported and investigated and found to be in violation I supposed someone may have gone in and deleted it, I do not know from experience however. This does sound like the most likely case in your description though. But no, official server do not have admins.

If violations were reported and acted on, a certain Hungarian clan and their flying bases would of been banned from 1088 already. Here is the event log from when it happened, if this isn’t an admin, it’s a hacker and if it’s a hacker then sod this game, I’m out.

… you are not supposed to “land claim” around your base. It is against the rules to foundations spam an area.

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Specify those rules, land claims have been an essential part of PvP servers for years, it’s a base defence method that has existed for years without intervention, if it’s a funcom employee or gportal, I’d like to know.

That doesn’t say land claims are not allowed, it asks you not to block resources, our Jheball sag temple and the wheel of pain was blocking nothing, we’ve blocked no Obelisks, we’ve blocked no dungeons at best we’ve blocked some stone, our land claims was no great wall of China.

We’ll contact Funcom and rebuild right now, if it’s them and they ask us to remove them, we’ll remove them.

I’ve seen this happen when a meteor strike destroys buildings, but that’s usually on a limited scale, and I imagine that the chances of all three of the clans you mentioned getting hit by meteors the same day are exceedingly minuscule

Official servers don’t have admins, but they will take action if someone is breaking the rules and they have solid proof.

I’ve never heard of FC deleting building or taking punitive action against players without some type of notification

I wonder what happens if a player destroys stuff and then deletes the character before anyone can check the log?

The thing is mate, we live in the Jungle, no star metal here, the other clans that got their stuff deleted lived in the Desert and Volcano respectively. I know Funcom do step in when the situation is extreme such as blocking vaults on Siptah but I’ve never seen them take action in the exiled lands.

We think it was a hacker who was on the server for 48 mins to 1 hour before logging off, it was a Chinese name which translated to something like " Lonely little wolf " it’s highly unlikely that Funcom woould log into an official server at 10:34pm their time.

Edit: I should also mention, I’ve spoken with G-Portal since and they don’t handle Conan Exiles Official servers, so it’s highly unlikely a G-portal admin would of done this.

I didn’t think it was meteors, I mentioned it only because that’s the only time I’ve seen the blank where it normally list someone. Sorry if I was unclear.

I do think if it was FC you would have gotten some type of notification if you were breaking the rules.

I have heard that sprawling land claim is technically against the rules, but it’s also basically the norm on pvp servers, so I’m not sure where that line is drawn

Were there any pieces left where they destruction happened? If so we’re they damaged or was it all just gone?

I also noticed a lot of pieces as having lost stability. Could the pieces under them have lost stability causing them to be destroyed and since there was no actually player who destroyed them that is why there is no name in the event log? Again, I am not really sure but yeah, that’s a whole lot of “lost stability” as well. And it all happened seconds apart.

Edit: Or perhaps decay which allowed a player to remove the a few pieces thus causing the loss of stability on the other pieces?

No damage, all gone, it also deleted our t2 Jhebbal sag shrine and our t3 wheel of pain in the courtyard. If it was funcom they likely would of informed us, they usually do, they’re also pretty spot on when they clean, I’ve seen it happen on 1055 when they came to delete an undermesh base at the gutter, they also shut down the server when they were doing so.

There was no lost stability, that came after the item was demolished considering the timer was at 335:59 there’s no way they could of demolished it, as I’ve said prior, this happened to two other clans on the server, the one thing we all had in common was our dislike for the Hungarian fly base clan but that just might be the paranoia talking.

I’ve been building wheel bases for years now, I know my own design and there was no structural problems, I’m convinced at this point it was a hacker as the same thing has happened to two other clans and I can’t see an admin logging on two days in a row instead of doing it all at once.

Not exactly. It says:

So basically, they would be within their rights to say you violated the rules.

I don’t know if that’s what happened or it was something completely different, I’m just saying that they left quite a lot of leeway to beat any attempt at “rules lawyering”.

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Initial response was a bit dickish so I deleted it, right, I’m not convinced this was FC due to the shoddy work they did on the ones base on the 25th, Unabomber lived in the volcano high up, they didn’t block resources either, I scouted their base after they blew up one of our wheels on our first day.

If we blocked Obelisks, Brim lake and so on, I could understand if Funcom intervened to remove it, however, none of us blocked essential resources, again, I’ve scouted their bases.

I’ve submitted a ticket to Funcom and received a response, I’ll find out later if we’ve done anything wrong but it doesn’t match up with how Funcom have conducted themselves in the past. We’re convinced this is the work of a hacker, something that unfortunately isn’t too uncommon on Official PVP servers.

But on the topic of land claims, in 3.4k hours in this game I’ve never seen Funcom intervene in the exiled lands to remove land claims, it’s usually undermesh bases like on 1055 about a year ago, the guys I play with sit on 4-6k hours and they’ve never seen them intervene either, land claims have been accepted as a necessary evil to keep our bases protected.

This is a PvP server at the end of the day not a PvE if we don’t like something someone’s done, we can destroy it.

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I have seen exiled land intervention, while it may not be common it does happen. The report I saw was for spam, there were other infraction listed but they all fell under the spam broad category.

There was no undermeshing or other blatant exploits involved, one of the exploits listed was a common practice in PvP that is so ubiquitous as to make it seem perfectly acceptable

These rules are often kept a bit vague by many companies on purpose, as they fear if they tell players exactly where the line is drawn many will intentionally go right up to that line

The thing that makes me doubt that it was a moderation action is the lack of communication from FC at the time of deletion

Hopefully you can get some more info from FC to clear this up


Hi @Kamos

If you have questions regarding a suspension, please make sure you send a ticket over on Zendesk.
The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Also please note that Claim Spam is considered breaking the Official server rules.
’ Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.’