How to report cheaters on ps4 who use admin control to go invisible when in pvp

If someone from the dev team could contact me about this issue I would appreciate it. I have two video clips of the same player showing exactly what I described. Also, the clan that this player belongs to is much larger than is supposed to be allowed. There are three maxed out clans with similar names on this server, but they are actually one big group of people who joined the server at the same time. It makes doing anything on that server without their approval impossible. This is taking place on official server 3809

Eso es porque no te carga por tu conexión a Internet. Yo cambie a PS4 Pro y ya no me pasa.

Dang, it says new users can’t mention other users.

If its a private server, why should FC care what the admin is doing there?

Its admin abuse. Nothing new… And probably one of the admins, If not all pay for that server…

If he/she could exploit official servers to get admin mode, then it would be different.

It’s on an official server. I have no idea how this person was going invisible in pvp unless it was by using admin controls, which I thought should be impossible on official servers. I appreciate your responses by the way.

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