Cheater on PS4 official Server 3214 EU

Game mode: [Online | pvp official eu server 3214] PS4
Problem: [Cheating|Glich|
Region: [EU]

Server 3214

I need Help it has an online player who has an admin password or so it can not explain to me, we were to 2 me and my game colleague as a scowling one to us comb and arrows, he was invisible. then where he was barely visible, he had the same name as my game colleague, because we were only two of us on the server has dunked us very strange. We went back to our house when suddenly the doors opened and closed. after a few times we were annoyed and the cheater began to break apart the raid time the house parts. We have no desire more urgent help if that is not resolved then I do not know then is the game for me and my colleagues died.


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