Moving - Demolish Button

Sometimes, me and other players (that i have seen) want to move to another location to build a new base and forget the old base

When we dismantle a piece, we receive a few materials back, but if we dismantle the bottom wall of a taller one with 3 or more walls stacked, we will receive only the few materials of that first wall. The walls stacked above will be lost.

So, besides its a huge time taker to dismantle each piece of a old base, there is no motive to demolish a entire old base and remove that weight on server.

There is a demolish option when a base decayed. Why we cant have this same button on our own buildings??


It’s already on the suggestions list, apparently “it’s complicated”.

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Do you know how is “complicated” if exist this option ingame in a different situation?
Even, on admin mode, there is a shortcut on keyboard to dismantle things fast

i’m just curious…

Hi, first you would have all the building pieces “Link” into one piece to get all mats back, But say you want to remove a wall, then your whole base would collapse, then theres the repair system 1 smack with repair hammer would repair everything that was connected, then theres the decay system, which includes pretty much everything in the game, so “Complicated”. I kept this short :slight_smile:

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