New building system is actually terrible

have you tried mixing the different build sets, i find the new way is slowing me down when trying to create. and more tedious. i just don’t like it. especially with items.

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I get we don’t like change. But it’s not going away. Adapt my friend.


i never had to change my build, just kept a bearer around. Now you are forced to just for the stability. That is a pain and time sink.

But 6 ceilings out…I mean come on. When the bugs get fixed on PS, I am going to have a freaking field day with that.

also, i didn’t spend time searching through the menu. just type in the first three letters in the menu

stop shilling

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I spent several weeks running the Testlive client to get used to the new system and completely prefer it for the PC.

I wish the build hammer weighed nothing and was a key press rather than a physical item, but, at least, it’s cheap and handmade.

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Okay, I do have another complaint about it.
I think even in this form it requires a search / filter function so they need to add that to the new interface imo.
Other than that, I still like it even after spending a bit more time on it :smiley:


I’m on a PC and I’m digging it! So far I’ve dismantled one large base and built a medium sized base with it and it’s like maybe 3 or 4 times faster at building and 30 to 50 faster at dismantling. Wait is that right??? Lemme think. A base that would normally take me somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes to dismantle took less than one minute. So, OK, hmmm… 20 to 30 times faster at dismantling! :stuck_out_tongue: I just stood in one place and vacuumed up everything rapid-fire - as fast as I could click. When my inventory was full I switched modes, selected large chest, pumped out 10 or 15 on the ground, dumped everything and went back to rapid firing. Three 15 second rapid fire sessions and I was done. :astonished:

Building the new base went much faster than before and in 20 minutes something that would usually take me an hour was done and furnished. At the end when I took an inventory of everything I was missing a few pieces of ice, some eggs, and a couple of other similar perishables. Everything else was accounted for and the size differences between the before and after bases was evident in the 18,000+ left over hardened bricks etc.

Yup, I like it.

I do agree with the other thread, that for upkeep and small additions it would be handier to just have a hot-key mode toggle instead of a virtual construction hammer but that’s not too terribly much to put up with.


What does that mean? Lol

I don’t think it’s needed. It would be different if there was a lot that needed to be scrolled to in some deep list or something. But it’s a flip interface. You flip from list to list and the list items fit all on one screen (with the exception of one row in the building piece sets if you have everything turned on). It’s all visual and immediate.

The old system needed sort and search but with
Q and E,
things move too fast and a search would just clutter the GUI - in my opinion.

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Nah, not for general building, but it would be nice for “patching” things.
For example when you want to change some small area in your existing build and need to swap between various pieces from different sets (also note that mods also list all of their stuff on that interface now)

The reason I mentioned it is because earlier I was remaking a stairway with different pieces as I ditched a non-updated mod, thankfully another one had a fitting piece so it naturally felt like I needed it then and was looking for a search box but couldn’t find :stuck_out_tongue: (I wanted to type “stair” into it so I could see all the stairs from all the various DLC and mods)

Other than that it’s fine, just saying that it probably wouldn’t hurt to have that option as well occasionally, but like you said, not a big deal


There is no way the base you built in an hour would’ve taken you 5 with the previous method.


Oh also, I’m going to make a wild guess here, I might be wrong ofc.
But… is there a slight chance that you are used to a different kind of gameplay due to PvP and not factoring in crafting time of the building pieces in the old system since you had them pre-crafted and stored in chests due to the nature of your playstyle?

Just trying to figure out why it seems slower for you and that would be one possible explanation

Cuz in my case for example I always crafted them as I placed them and only as many pieces as I needed, so it always felt slow having the outline ready, but not being able to place it till my crafting catches up, so the old system with that approach was definitely slower

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Yeah, it’s faster and sure, in some ways more convenient. Was it worth losing the ability to make “house warming” presents for players without DLC. Was it worth losing that co-operation between players where those of us who could afford DLCs could share a little happiness with those who couldn’t? For years that was ok. Some ppl seem very happy to trade convenience for revenue protection.


I litteraly did it yesterday.

Sorry but then you are a bad builder. I did most builds on pvp over night and I never crafted building pieces beforehand and I can do a whole pvp base in a short amount of time. No way you need 5 hours for a pve build where you now only need 1.

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XD “Bad builder” You have no idea what I’ve built so simple minded are they…

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So show me.

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Ah, I see… Yeah I can agree. They need another flip-to list category called “Search” where you can type “stair” and all will be listed there - upon reopening it too.

Makes sense - not everyone has all the sets memorized like me - thanks for explaining. Maybe the @Community will consider this?