The hammer is not a plus

The hammer is not necessary. I can understand that you want to reduce the items displayed in the inventories, and for this purpose, you just divided the inventory into “chunks” making them easier to understand and handle. But I think you did not think or lose the target audience of this action. Because when you reach the point where the inventory display that much items, you already have a vast knowledge of the game. And in the other hand if you are a new player you just put another barrier or difficulty for them when learning the game (in this case building). One of the things I always love about this game was how simpler was to start playing in comparison with RUST and VALHEIM. I started playing the 3 games at the same time and the easier and friendlier was CONAN. Well you just ruined that.
Also: Add the search bar inside the construction menu (for the hammer)
Or just eliminate it,. It is a counter-prudent measure. Or I am not understanding the goal of it. Maybe you don’t understand the goal of it either.


Was there a purpose ?

Do you slap those steel reinforcements with your hands?

the purpose of the new menu is to prevent them from sharing DLC ​​with other players who don’t have it


No, that was just a side effect. The new menu is much nicer to navigate and your hotbar no longer has to be filled with building pieces. It’s far less overwhelming than just having each and every possible building piece in one gigantic list that can only be effectively navigated by typing in a search box.

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Possibly it is just me trying to get used to new things, but I find the new building system very annoying. The fact that I have accidently destroyed benches already and had to rebuild them, coupled with the default item icon is a pain. Not a fan.


yes it a plus for people who already know how to play, not for new players

Don’t slap them in with a hammer made from greenwood and cord either.

One also doesn’t bake bread in a smelting furnace.

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That doesn’t even make sense. How is it easier for new players to have absolutely everything in one gigantic pile with no categorization and the constant need to swap multiple different pieces in and out of the hotbar to build anything?

The hammer fuktion is great i love it build 1 of each type then copy it when ever you need building is now so easy the menu is easy to navigat and for the controller using on my x box its a builder dream . I woud crafte even a epic gold hammer to be allowed to use it too build :heart_hands::blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Actually I found the hammer easy to understand. It just took a little bit to figure it out.

Craft my wall , search in inventory (with the search bar if you want), equip in a number, place
Craft a hammer, search in the inventory the hammer, equip the hammer in a number, use the hammer, search what you want (without search bar)

You mean WHY Is more easy ? because it is, because when I started playing building was “complicated” to learn in contrast with connan. Of course is not complicated if you are a “”“hardcore”“” gamer and I’m not a hardcore gamer (well not anymore). I want my stuff simple, craft my stuff and put my stuff, putting steps in the middle is not necessary. Why do you want to be like rust?? rust is not user-friendly. It was faster to talk to someone to teach me how to play rust in contrast with conan where in the same amount of time my girlfriend and I learned how to play alone without any help. I know it’s easy and useful for experienced players, but if you put extra steps, clicks, barriers or whatever for doing something people unfamiliar with the system is going to find it complicated. Think of a person who is not good with computers and knows basic stuff like surfing on the internet. He knows that he have to turn on the computer and open the browser. Know thing you add label on top of that where now he has to turn on the computer and open a program who is in charge of all the browser on your computer and inside this program you have to open the browser. You just complicated his life for no reason.

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As my girlfriend said why dont let us choose the construction system we want? legacy or sorcerie don’t know

I was skeptical at first, but after some getting used to it, the new system is pretty great.

Building stuff is not much easier at first. I’ll guess it’ll be better in the long run, though.

But the big, big plus is demolishing stuff. Removing a base is now a matter of seconds instead of hours, and you even get all your stuff back.


I am not a fan, but mostly i am REALLY not a fan of placing stuff like benches with it out, its hard to line up stuff right with a great big hammer in my view. usually i end up dumping stuff on the floor and then using the move option with the hammer put away. its an annoying 2 stage process now.

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I dont mind the new build system (definitely prefer the old one though) but dislike the construction hammer. The new build system could be implemented without the need for the hammer. They could have you open the build menu using left dpad on console or b on pc. Currently i need to carry 2 hammers (construction and repair) in my inventory and then swap them into my hot wheel when i want to use them as we only have 8 slots available and they are often used up with weapons/tools/heals.


I kinda understand their resoning for it, Seeing how Valheim does it, but it made building things -alot- slower (to the point I don’t really want to do constuctions anymore) now that we have to open up the darn hammer meny for every thing to build, instead of building a bunch of items needed to place. (yes I know the picker exists but that requires something to pick from when building new)
The old system was ‘ok’ but could have used some simple tweaking to get it good (Just like the rest of the UI :stuck_out_tongue: )

Let us choose what system to use on the servers Funcom please, you do have ‘fun’ in you name.

Why not have the 2 systems?
Hammer + old building system?
Then you can choose what is the best for you.

Because that would leave a ton of clutter in the build UI. Clutter that continues to expand. Not to mention prove very confusing to new players. That would defeat the purpose of the new UI.

What? That is completely counter logic. Old players would be attached to old things and not know/want to learn new things where as new players wouldn’t even realize how easy they have it.