Stone vs building texture

I’ve had this thought for some time…

That the stone that we harvest continue to retain the same color even after we turn it into construction pieces.

Usually the stone all turns out to be sand stone even if its grey or near shattered a reddish color.

In this way our buildings would blend in and be harder to notice when we are trying to camouflage with the surrounding lands.

Or the difference in stone color would allow more creativity when building.

As in real life it would be fun to have to travel and import stone for a look that you want.

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I think perhaps the easiest way forward for something like this is to just implement the dying of building pieces, similar to how we do armour. That way you could ‘camo’ your base to how you see fit.

Please no neon though, I can’t stress that enough :grin:


I don’t think it’s all or nothing, personally, I don’t see why there can’t be room for both.

I’ll be honest, I actually generally like the look of the building pieces as they are, and I don’t tend to dye anything much at all, but I could see where it can have its uses.

It would obviously be down to personal choice whether or not you’d want to, I’m all for customization.

“Survive. Build. Decorate.” That’s what I’ve said since the beginning.

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The offers already a extreme large of skins, from t1 to t3 structures and all the dlc’s we already can have and others will come out. So painting the structures would have been nice but really not necessary, fc is already struggling with the game stability anyway.

But it would be nice to able to dye the horse saddles though.

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