Chroma and walls

On a quality of life , I know this exist as a mod so its possible to do this … to make more use of dye liquid item I’d like to be able to have the ability to paint our structures in a sense that what if I wanted to have green wall instead of red yamatai walls it would be a huge sell for conan exiles


I think you meant red Khitan walls no? Either way could see it being a good way to change things up a bit, and it would be nice to add an extra layer of customisation .

No neon though, please.

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Lol we already have lantern that emit colors so having building set to have color would just allow this but on a reduce cost I think maybe ?

Would be nice you can customize some of colors of the building pieces with various earth-tone colors. (or perhaps the dyes they have in the game).

Starting with the vanilla pieces and possibly moving up the DLC pieces (which may take a bit more work since they have various colors in them already).

The Emberlight mod does this. But only on vanilla pieces. And its a bit wonky. Getting stuff to dye requires setting up dye channels and such. Its a bit of work to say the least. I wouldn’t say no to this, but we’re likely not going to see this for a while even if they started on it now.

It’s not much work in blueprint it’s actually easy the bigger issue is the saving type. Though it likely be easier to set the dyable up with c++ with custom function as of right now in 4.15.3 is that you cannot select then individually but in 4.22 I think they add the ability to select target the static instance mesh separately though reason why I say c++ is because that just where the nature of the beast where funcom has it.

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