Ability to Paint Walls

So, just pondering this. Already numerous color items, so stuff to make it seems in place. Just the ability to get a new tool, that could apply a layer of color onto buildings.

I’m not sure as to the difficulties or anything like that, in getting this coded. The way I envision it is like a layer in GIMP, so to speak.

Where you’ve got the base wall coloration, and when you paint it, it’s like a semi-transparent layer that goes over top of that.

Not a big deal, but could add a little uniqueness to your buildings.


Be pretty cool. But instead of paint cause I’m sure that be a lot of coding and rigging player-models and coding the fundamentals… How about just like Clan tags? you can put your custom spray kind of like how you see on CSGO an stuff an tag objects In game.

I was looking more for the way to color up the walls of a building. Instead of the default colors.

The simplest option, naturally, would be adding in recolored versions, but it’d require a separate version for each different color. Which would bloat the crafting screen even more than it already is.

So the next best option was why I figured I’d put this idea. You color the wall yourself.

Although a third option, I suppose, could be a new craft station. To go with the first thing mentioned. You stick in paint and a default wall, and get a recolored wall out of it. But it’d still require multiple new wall items added to the game.

Probably just a pipe-dream sadly. But it’d go a long way for creativity if you could have black, white, and the rainbow colors.

You could co-opt the clothes dye system to cut back on crafting clutter, maybe


that could work.

This actually came up in a stream back when the game was still in Early Access. As I recall they said it would take some finagling due to how the building system works, but theoretically it should be doable.

I don’t imagine it’s a terribly high priority, though.


Many months ago this popular player suggestion was taken to the development team with a bunch of other popular suggestions for them to review … this one (ability to paint our building pieces) was ruled on as “not going to be implemented” … but still it doesn’t hurt to keep asking once in a while as it wasn’t as firmly turned down as mounts have been.

Begs the question what direction(s) exactly the devs are trying to take this product.

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