3 suggestions: building, character and dyeing

One of my suggestions is new building blocks. I’m talking about walls. It would be great to have walls with 2 inside faces and walls with 2 outside faces so whenever you want to create a room inside your base (for instance) you can put the inside wall.

My second suggestion is being able to change your haircut in game and to dye it (even making a degraded!).

The last suggestion is changing a bit the colors we’ve got to dye armours with because the lighter ones look like grey in some armours (light purple, for example).


Nice suggestions, i agree.

I like the same faced wall idea, I was thinking of that too. The only way to counter this is to put two walls facing each other on the same foundation piece/ceiling (I use ceilings as floors) and make your inner walls like that, but that requires a huuuuuge building if you plan to make several rooms.

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