I could really use an item to make a square. Purty please

Using wedges I can make some great patterns, but a true 90* 45* triangle would be a tremendous, beyond enormous even, help in building design.


You are looking for diagonal half-blocks, I believe. Those that would take a normal foundation square and cut it diagonally in half.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get this. It has to do with how the walls line up.

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Yeah, this comes up almost as often as expanding the play area and letting players change their appearance, and every time the answer is “don’t hold your breath.”

Well, the play area is a valid one. Those are engine limitations. Can’t be overcome.

Change your appearance…I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem like it’d be overly difficult to reverse engineer the starting character creator, cut out the scripting at the front and back so it’s not like you are starting a new character.

This one, honestly it seems like it can be implemented. Though the problem exists if we have to have diagonal walls, ceiling, and other pieces, it bloats the craft window. Unless you had a station specifically for diagonal building pieces.

And honestly? I would like to see a crafting station for certain groups of building pieces.

I didn’t mean that was the answer for all of them, because the appearance changing has a pretty good chance at happening eventually. (Especially seeing as how there’s been like a half a dozen mods which let you do just that already.)

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The problem with a right triangle block is that its sides are not of equal length. A wedge of three 60° corners has three equally long sides, which is as long as the side of the square building block, so we need only one size of foundations, walls, ceilings, etc.

But if you have a right triangle, you’d need separate building blocks (that is, square and wedge foundations, ceilings, walls, doors, roots, etc.) for the hypotenuse length and the length of the catheti. Adding this one building block would require doubling all other building blocks.

EDIT: I draw picture:


Yep, and as fanworks go, it’s great work too. But, being a mod, it can get away with cutting some corners (pun intended) an official product couldn’t, so Funcom couldn’t simply copy-paste the Pythagoras code and call it a day.

Me, I’d love to see some better filters, tabs or another way to organize building menus before doubling the number of building blocks in the game. I’d rather not spend 20 minutes trying to find the right-sloping inverted hypotenuse-length stonebrick wedge wall from among 9001 other building block pieces.


I’m guessing the red block is a new foundation piece to expand further?

You could fudge it a bit to make it a sort-of isosceles trapezoid. Three sides of it are the same as a green square, and accepting of normal walls. The fourth side is the side that matches the length of the long edge yellow triangle.

I’m not sure -how- noticeable it would be. But essentially you don’t need a long wall, because the foundation/ceiling matches up to the long edge. And the short edges of the trapezoid take normal walls.

It’s a pity that we can’t do that, but then again the faces are pretty dull anyway. I would personally be interested to show my ponytail though. It’s a shame that the significant enough hairstyles are not embraced thorough the helmets. :confused:

Exiles clearly needs more detail to apply to butts. Tattoos and the like. Because if you play 3rd person, you see your character’s butt a lot of the time.

Joking aside, we could use some helms that cover the forehead and sides of the head, allowing the hair to come out the top.

I wouldn’t mind. :joy:

You mean like the blue block here?


The main problem with it would be that it would not line up nicely with other building blocks (square or triangular) except in very limited formations. We would then require yet another, narrow wedge-shaped block, to plug the holes left between this block and square blocks, etc. I’m afraid adding a piece of this shape would open a never-ending cycle of needing more and more geometric shapes to make continuous buildings.

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No, the red block is redundant.

You stick the blue against the yellow. Long edge to long edge.

The standard walls should cover the three normal length sides of the blue block.

If you want to go further, a green should snap to the any of those three sides, because they are again, the same length as the green sides. So you end up with a t shaped alcove.

Try to think of it more like a hallway, rather than making a new room from it.

Yellow + Blue is the hall. Stick one green onto the butt end of the blue. Then you can stick more greens to make a second room around that one.

It is basically having diagonal connectors to connect rooms. Instead of one big squat rectangular/square building.

Edit: I don’t have time to make an image. But imagine yours making a diamond shape building. Might be a little misshapen. But then you get an open central core, like an interior garden for planters or outdoor stuff.

The main thing with adding new geometry pieces, is just to try and keep the parts where a wall is to touch, as the same length. So the wall pieces work. They can have a long edge that isn’t meant for a wall, but instead another long edge.

Even a small house of just one yellow and one blue should be doable. Because you would have five wall-length sides to cover. And the two long edges don’t need walls.

Without the red block the blue block would have very limited uses, and you’d still need hypotenuse-length walls etc. for the yellow triangle. And instead of the red-block-sized ceilings you’d need ceilings for the trapezoid shape - and I can’t imagine the mess of shapes you’d need for sloped roofs and ramps for the trapezoid shape. you’d end up with helluva lot of complexity, or lack of building options where the intent was to get more.

I’m not sure where you are getting all this? You seem to be wildly going off on a tangent.

These are the only blocks that have to be added, to add differing build options:

  1. A diagonal half block (the yellow one): Foundation and Ceiling
    No walls are necessary for the long side because you aren’t supposed to put a wall there. You are supposed to connect it to the blue block.

  2. The blue trapezoidal block: Foundation and Ceiling
    Again, no new walls are necessary. This one is meant to connect to the long edge of the yellow block, normal walls fit the other three sides.

So for each building type, you only need four new pieces and they are perfectly viable.

Existing walls fit along the short sides. The long sides do not take walls, as I stated. They connect yellow to blue.

So in my previous example, you can build a home out of those two new types, without using the standard foundation/ceiling at all.

You take one yellow block. On one short side you stick a wall. On the other short side you stick a door frame. Above you place the yellow ceiling piece.

You take one blue block. The long side connects to the yellow long side. You now have three short sides that can have window frames, door frames, or normal walls. A blue ceiling piece goes above.

I did an example. Ignore the stop-sign shape of the one green block. It comes from rotating. But as you can see, you can combine green, yellow, and blue to make different housing shapes.

You could continue on the line I made, by connecting another green, yellow, and blue to curl the wall back around towards the upper green square. They might not be able to connect at this close a range. However, you can get the effect of an interior garden from this.

Both yellow and blue are mandatory for this to work. Although in all honesty, you could simply make one new block and ceiling shape. Combine the yellow and blue into one block. It has five sides, all of them the same length as the green block sides. So normal walls should be acceptable.

And you should be able to connect any of those short sides to others. Two yellow and two blue could deliver a V-shaped building.

The main problem I think they had was they didn’t want to add long-sided blocks because it would require new walls. This is a workaround for that. Because walls only go on the short sides. Not the longer ones.

Edit: Actually I made a mistake. I placed the lower yellow on the wrong side. Stop sign messed me up for a moment. It should be on the flat side immediately to the right of the one it is now on. So the curl isn’t as tight.

Okay, you don’t want walls on the long sides. That means you could never use the straight angle triangular foundation as the outermost part of any building, you’d always need to connect the trapezoid (so effectively, you want a pentagon shape). It would make the right angle useless on its own. That’d be more annoying than useful. Most of the time, when I’ve wanted a straight angle block, I would’ve also wanted a wall to go along the long edge.

And like I said, aligning sloped roof pieces to the trapezoid shape would be complicated.

Wow, I voiced my opinion and y’all mark my comment as spam. That’s rude. Those pics still look ugly. Just saying.

I’m all about new building pieces but throwing in the odd shapes doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

Typically when something is marked as spam, it’s because you aren’t adding anything useful to the conversation.

I know it’s not perfect. But anything to get out of the blocking square/rectangle building would be nice.

Well i guess that depends how you look at it. I was saying i didnt like the idea that the pics looked ugly… If its removed every time someone says they dont like something then every post would be filled with people agreeing and that would give a false statement to the devs or people that read these forums. Then every idea would be only liked and have a higher chance of being approved which isnt what everyone would neccessarily want.

Wait, there is a MOD for armor stands but they are not officially in the game?

How…? Why…? With so many different sets, it’s one of the most logical placeables to have in the entire game.