Better triangle foundation

I know you already have the triangle / pyramid shaped Wedge foundations but they are not practicable for some designs. What we need is a proper foundation that is a 1/2 foundation from corner to corner. This type of foundation makes for neater cornering and better diversity in designs and to achieve similar results you would have to use way more of the wedges with in turn uses more resources and more time.


Yes indead, a werry mutch needed block

That would mean making walls, ceilings and roofs that would fit aswell.
But yes, it’s something modders have fixed and should be implemented imo.

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I agree, it is sorely needed.

What we need is a 90 degree angled wedge foundation. FUNCOM PLS.

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There are mods that do that I believe

Then you still need all the other building blocks, walls, doors, windows, ceilings ect do not fit the long side of a 90 degree foundation.

If you’re on pc, just use a mod. while you wait.

Yeah, there is the Pythagoras mod with 90 degree foundations and long walls / fences to fit. But those pieces are buggy and have a stability issue which prevents you from properly using them in most cases. The mod author hasn’t had the time/passion to figure out a fix in over 7 months.

Fully working 90 degree foundations are on my wish list, but I expect them never to be created by Funcom, and I doubt a mod ever gets them fully working either.

Hexagon shaped foundations would be nice too

A huge plus one on 45 degree angle blocks. It would help a lot to make more graceful curves and softer corners