Triangle with straight angle foundation (and compass)

Hi everyone! My first post here.

I really like this game but one thing in foundations bug me and I think I am not the only one: We really need triangle foundation with one 90 degrees angle. That it might also make the current even-angled triangle useless.
Current triangle-foundation makes things really complicated and restricts some of the ideas what I want to do.

Also: Please add compass to the game :3 Or is there a mod for that?

A square foundation and a equilateral triangle one both have the same length sides. A right angled triangle will always have one side longer which means walls cannot fit it on one side.


There’s a compass mod in the Steam Workshop. Just adds a tiny compass to the UI beside your temp & encumbrance icons. Simple and unobtrusive.

I agree with the OP, and to fix the length issue, the wall and ceiling pieces would simply be extended to fit when placed. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to modify the models and textures to match, and it would really expand our building options (and maybe reduce the number of horribly boring square bases we can’t seem to avoid currently)

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