Diagonal 1/2 Foundations

Would be absolutely amazing if we had some nice diagonal cut foundations. Wedges are fun and all, but with the odd angles, it’s really easy to bring two wall ends together and find out they’re not aligned properly, making closing the loop impossible. But an alternative to the wedge, being a right-angled diagonal cut, would fix that problem up nicely. I realize that a wall placed along the diagonal side would necessarily be ever so slightly wider than a regular wall, but perhaps just treat them as normal walls, with coding used to sub in the slightly longer version whenever placed on that side of a foundation? And yeah, need ceiling tiles to match. But having that as a building option would really help in my opinion.


It’s not going to happen. Adding a triangle that isn’t all 60 degrees angles would mean having to add a lot of new building pieces since existing ones would not fit.
Too much effort for too little reward. It might be a task for the modding community, but Funcom will never do that. It’s just not worth the grueling workload it would require.

A Diagonal cut foundation would be great, I play on a Console and our normal foundations are Square , so a Diagonal cut would make a 45 degree corner and could be done with a small number of other Building pieces in addition you would need

  1. Ceiling Piece to Match
  2. Wall

these 3 pieces would allow all wall and ceiling areas to be completed,
yes door frames and window walls railings etc. would be nice but not necessary,

It’s not going to happen, because it’s far too much that is necessary to be added.

For every Diagonal Foundation you need an entirely new wall and ceiling. That’s three new pieces for every single construction type.

So you have Sandstone, Stonebrick, Reinforced Stone, Aquilonian, Khitan, Turanian, Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden, Frontier, Insulated Wooden, and Yamatai.

That alone is an additional 30 pieces they have to add. That is 30 additional pieces to clutter up the Handcraft Menu.

Now add 12 more because we have 3 more DLC on the way this year. And probably 4 more next year as well.

basicly we buy adfdons and ist not meant to be that much efford to implement those parts because many Players see the Advantages and would love to use them!

For it to be an addon, it’d be low on the priority list.

They are so far only doing the four racial addons a year. All the other work they do is on bug fixes and free content updates.

And as soon as these three pieces were added, people would start asking for windowed walls, fence foundations, hypotenuse-length square foundations, sloped roof tiles, ramps, etc. fitting the new foundation block. Suddenly we’d need dozens of new building blocks.

Some people might be satisfied with just a wall and ceiling to fit the right angle; many others would not.


Funcom müsste mittlerweile erkannt haben, das da enormes Interesse einer zahlungsbereiten Gruppe besteht.

Ich verstehe nicht, warum manche hier im Forum der Meinung sind, die Vorschläge anderer als nicht umsetzbar zu bezeichnen oder zu behaupten, es wäre zu viel Aufwand. Seid Ihr Trolle? Oder was fällt euch ein, solch ein Verhalten an den Tag zu legen?

Wenn Leute sich etwas wünschen, kommen andere Leute an, und schreiben, das es Unsinn ist. Und dann sind dies immer die selben Leute.

Funcom should have recognized by now that there is enormous interest of a solvent group.

I do not understand why some here in the forum believe that others’ suggestions are unworkable, or that it would be too much effort. Are you trolls? Or what do you think of such behavior?

When people want something, other people arrive and write that it’s nonsense. And then these are always the same people.

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Ahh, Conan The Bavarian :laughing: Sorry couldn’t held myself

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We don’t oppose these ideas per se; we just want to tell you why that suggestion might not realistically come true in any reasonable amount of time. Some of these suggestions, including mounts, right angle foundation pieces, and sorcery, pop up so often on the suggestions forum that barely a week goes by without someone asking for them - even though Funcom’s developers have stated on multiple occasions that those features are not coming into the game any time soon. These fruitless requests for such features take up space on the Suggestions forum, potentially drowning actually feasible ideas.

These forums are open for discussion, including opposing points of view. So yes, you’re free to ask for mounts/sorcery/geometry, and we’re free to tell you we don’t think they’re going to happen.

I know I’m often the guy telling people their idea is unrealistic. This is not so as to hurt their feelings - often their ideas are cool, and things like the right angle foundation would give me more toys to play with, too - but to tell them not to hold their breath while waiting because I have a vague understanding on how the game is constructed so I can make reasonably accurate assumptions on what is possible and what is not.

Remember that game companies are businesses first and foremost. Whichever updates they make need to be cost-effective. Spending hundreds of man-hours programming and creating graphical assets so as to please a small minority of players isn’t sound business.

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Not at all. Think of it this way: Fact is, there’s a limited “pool” of available working hours assigned to creating new geometry pieces for this game (outside of the DLC packs anyway).

Many of us would very much like new geometry - but we wouldn’t necessarily want to see that “pool” emptied just for the sake of 45 degree foundation pieces. It’s a common suggestion, but I believe that’s largely because people don’t realize how much they’re actually asking for when they make it.

So we make sure to inform them that there’d be massive amounts of work involved, so that they at least realize what it is they ask for, and secondly we try to make it clear that though many of us want new geometry, this is NOT what we mean.

Well you are correct that some people would not be satisfied, But it has been my experience in life that if you gave people a million dollars free of charge, some would then ■■■■■ and moan that you didn’t carry it for them

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