Building Improvements

i know im a perfectionist and i accept that but something that has annoyed me about this game since i began playing is the walls have an inside and an outside.

because of this often when i’m subdividing the interior of a base into separate rooms i’m stuck with rooms that have the outside face which breaks the interior appeal. this is best shown by the Frontier wall which has a black external face and a brown internal face. these contrast heavily and make a building interior look wrong.

I propose an “Interior Wall” where both sides look the same as the interior side.

with regard to the roof, i would like a triangular Roof Cap and triangular Roof end piece.

more exotic, i think a roof piece that is twice the size but half the angle would be nice (a roof wont need to be three times the height of a building that is one story high but wide.

lastly, i would like a half gate. something larger than a doorway but smaller than the massive gate currently in the game. about a 2x2 size.

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Yes that Interior wall is good. but if i may i will add something to this post because atleast for me thats a problem…

They could add:

  1. Not new wall but, option to walls that has already in game to change they type and look, like by some binded button player can choose either Outter wall ( original ) or mirrored (both sides are same) idea is from ARK/Atlas …
  2. Also could add 5-10 seconds pickup timer if wall or building piece are placed on ground, because… excuse me but that is bad if by some lags in official i missplace wall who is not visible, while i upgrade outer wall and i dont see if its “Outer Face” or no, so by upgrading home those letters should be readable, or just 5-10 second pickup timer could be nice… I dont like to loose half materials because of game visuals or lags when i misplace wall …
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