Building Looks and impressions

Hello everyone,

I love the way the buildings look and all the small dudats you can put in your base.

However, there are a few thing i would like to see changed or updated.

First is the walls look to thin. I think they need to be some what more thick. Maybe t1 should be as is but t2 and t3 should be more thick :slight_smile:

Second you should be able to steal stuff form nps camps :stuck_out_tongue: Like decorative things, this would open up hunting for cool stuff :slight_smile:

I did not really have a third, but maybe um… fix the getting stuck when you sit in a chair :smiley: That is so sad when the server is full :’( oh also, i use chairs for afk, so losing less food and water when sitting down would be great!

What do people think about all this?