Suggestions (Building, Combat, Market, Workbenches, Structures, ...)


i would like that all existing building types of structures (jungle, archeronian, ruins, seroentine, etc) could be learned or found so that you can build in different ways and fitting the terrain.
Also should you rework the textures of the normal tiers of building that they look more natural. They look way to smooth.

The combat flow should be a bit more natural. Attacking, blocking, attacking should be smoother and dont have such a long delay between it. Also it feels like that all actions need way to much Stamina. (PvE perspective)
Maybe we can get a few arrows back from the ground or the enemies we attack and kill with it.

It would be nice if we could get inside the cities more merchants which offer a variety of stuff. Or an option to set up our own Tavern or Shop (with special deko, structures and so on) with an NPC that we can set up as a clerk.

The Workbenches and Structures (well) inside cities should be useable.

Better Descriptions for the settings.
Adding LandClaimRadiusMultiplier as an visible setting not as an hidden setting.

Adding a Stone or at last an iron Sickle to the game.

Adding lining workbench to make your armor fit for cold and hot biomes.
Also make the Set Boni settable on other Armors.

The Wheel of Pain and the Animal Pen are way to large and should be a bit shrunken. Maybe by 10% or 20%.
It would also be nice if we could set a Guard into the elevator so that he defend it and makes it faster.

I miss same sort of buildung camera to see where you are building and how it is set. This is needed for larger buildings like the Animal Pen, Tempels and the Great Wheel of Pain.
Also would it be nice to have some sort of “blueprint” building. To see if you can build here and how it looks. And that you can change the height, rotation and so on.

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