Some QoL suggestions for us "Server Admins"

May I suggest some ideas? first, some NPC’s seem to have weird hit-boxes usually with swords, light attacks don’t connect much especially during combo’s.

**ummm. I don’t know about other people. but I hate the stability system and would like that gone or revised.

**add a feature to select multiple building objects and manipulate them such as select all, shift+drag-select group and delete, etc. this can be done in sort of an admin spectator mode or whatever. meaning that you would have to use a hotkey combo which would activate a different UI.

**additionally, I would like another feature that when placing objects, you can hold shift and then drag out an entire line to be build. such as foundation, walls, roofs, etc.

**give option to set the "fly" speed.

**for server admins. allow us to set a building as a "permanent" structure. by this I mean, let us create things in our own world, and when they get raided and destroyed, they will respawn after a time. this allows us server admins to create dungeons for our clans or server community to take on. on that note. allow us to save the building as a template and share it on the workshop.

**give us more mechanisms like the ones used in dungeons, keys, levers, pressure plates, that allow us to create puzzles and such or sort of bring a sort of automation to our buildings,.

I would like the ability to manipulate the terrain mesh freely in ADMIN mode. like you may have seen in map editors from games like FarCry3. I don’t know if this is a limit of your engine or not. heck, maybe even give us a new tool like the shovel that allows us to do this. using it would give us dirt that we could then place allowing us to manipulate the terrain.

to summarize. as ADMINS. I would like more control of the world. not that I do not appreciate the hard work and beauty that your map design team has done. I just want more control on how I may build MY world.

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