Additional Admin Options

-permanent tree placements of existing tree and rock models, as admin spawn-in only.
-option (as admin) to “interact” with an object to set to permanent, so it can no longer take any damage and only removable by the admin. This is for all place-ables while under admin power.
-Option to add Journey Steps of your own design. Simply compile a list of requirements and completion rewards experience at set amounts. This helps private servers adjust progression more in depth. Example could be “craft all improved crafting stations”, or craft a full set of altar armor, drag and sacrifice a thrall on your altar, collect 100 silver coins, etc.
-Option to adjust “boss” health amounts


Great Suggestions. I would like to see these options too.

For the tree placements, by permanent do you mean unable to chop down, or just that it will re-spawn if chopped down. I would hope that it would re-spawn, until removed by admin. I was thinking it would be fun to create an area enclosed by a thick forest that you have to chop your way into, and then, surprise-- dragons! :wink:

I mean both would be nice, as long as the harvestable trees behaved like regular ones to respond to building claim radius, and probably have them only placeable in their respective regions (palms in desert, pines in the north, etc).