Please give server Admins actual power?

As a server admin trying to set up a new RP server I’m amazed and a little frustrated at how restricted the game is for an admin. Even in God mode I cannot place things in other people’s land claim areas, and there are certain zones like near the spawn point on the Broken Road that I cannot build at all.

As an Admin I should have access to literally EVERYTHING with zero restrictions.

Please give Admins the power that the title deserves. Even if it has to be in God mode.


While it is true that you cannot place anything on another player’s land claim, you can build just about anywhere else with the following command on a PC Server:

From the admin console (~ key) type: Playercanbuildanywhere “player name”

Would that open it for everyone, or just that is put in front of the command. As an admin, i would think i wouldn’t want the whole server to have that access.

I too, hope there is more ways to allow private servers (sans mods) to do some basic dungeon creation.
Just give me:

  1. at least 50 admin controlled NPC/Beast spawn points
    a. Re-spawn like normal in game
    b. Can be deleted or edited as i see fit.
  2. Non-destructible building pieces.
    a. Limit the number if necessary.
    b. So i can build actual dungeon or outpost towns.
  3. Separate Control over specific resource re-spawn rates (how long before respawn after harvest)
    a. Brimstone nodes
    b. Iron Ore
    c. Trees (all wood)
    d. FOP chests
    e. Silver Ore
  4. Separate HP Sliders for the different types of spawns
    a. Carnivores
    b. Herbivores
    c. Bosses
    d. Mini Bosses

Make it a paid DLC if necessary. Can be used both on SP and Privates only.

Admins on the ps4 have a basic admin panel thats more of a cheat page than a an administrative tool, kind of sucks that we cant really run our servers as proper admins and without a global chat box its even harder to catch griefers

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My post left off the text that I had between formatting symbols <, so I changed it. It is allows a specific player to build anywhere.

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cool. I may try and see if i can add this anywhere on g-portal for consoles. Possibly in the setting ini file. We don’t get access to the db files on consoles due to Sony’s terms of service for PSN ID’s.

I know you said without mods, but Pippi Mod is a really good mod, you can create loot boxes that anyone can open and set it just out in the open or to a particular NPC drop. You can create a NPC spawner that is highly customizable. We also use the teleport system and the NPC Thespian with the mushi editor that allows for dialog and interaction (quest givers).

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Console :confused:

I always thot your were a PC gamer - sry. Agreed. Would be cool if they had a better admin MGMT console than what console currently have.

I do have the PC, but for testl ive and early studying of incoming changes for PVP officials. always trying to get a leg up, without exploiting in game.

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