Let's help private admins a bit

It would be very easy for private servers admins to have a mechanism that will help them to allow build.
Private servers admins spend a lot of time in the week going around the map to witness building abuse of their players, or receiving complaints from other players about it. Other than that there are people here who ask to build everywhere playing in their single player mode.
There for I believe that we could have a building level option which would define the building freedom of the map.
Other than that I believe that this action would reduce the complains since you choose to play in a server with building level 3 for example.
I will wait for your suggestions or opinions because I don’t know if there is already a mod for it, I am a Playstation player.

Then it is time to be introduced on consoles too.
Every single area in exile lands and Siptah has rare farming nodes and animal farming or npc wanderers. There should be a mechanism protecting these spawns.
A simple example of aloe spawn either in the starting river or the lakes of Siptah is always overrunned by someone destroying the farming potential of an area. I do understand how beautiful some areas are to build there, what players do not understand is by destroying this beautiful landscape just for their own happiness, they destroy others experience and creates toxicity between players.
This is one option…
Still there are players that can farm from other places…
Still there’s pvp that allows players to act against these builds…
Yet, this option, if it was possible to exist on Playstation or Xbox, I would definitely start again a private server, without writing 2 pages of rules, without organizing discord pages and still have to deal with abusers of the rules. It would be simple as that, my server is vanilla barbaric mode and the building lvl option is 4 (for example) that does not allow a various of quantity of spawn destroys.
Take it or leave it, simple as that I would create a random code and trow it to garbage so I wouldn’t even able to go in admin mode. Totally no admin support or abuse, like officials.
In the next days I’ll introduce my idea piece by piece.

I have 2 servers with just 2 rules. Dont block anybody in or points of interest. You can build anywhere setting is on. Thats right you can even build on top of a oblisk. Not had one single problem yet. Any problems that do pop up I will warn the player a few times in a nice way and im sure they will take care of it. Seems to be working pretty good so far. Everybody is enjoying the game. It`s a whole new experience with no building restrictions.

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Exactly this, thank you. You made your decision, pick a mod and run your server exactly as you wish. Like @drachenfeles (might) said we on consoles do not have this option, so this should pass to the main game like a lot of mods passed through the years, so console players can use these options too.

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One server we play on rules are don’t be a dick pretty simple love it.

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If you start a server we will be there my friend even though I know it would be tougher than I care to play on you are such a pain.

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Love it.
IMO Wheaton’s law should be the rule on every online game.


So let’s check this example.

Here this player decided to build in small footprint not to break the rules of the game, so in the logic of the building limit, this would be acceptable, but is it?
The exile lands has 2 lion boss spawns, the one is already destroyed. Other than that this little pond in Savanah is your cooling down place, your Refuge not to go dehydrated. It is your first baby rhino farming place, your first thick leather place, maybe even your first contact with tigers, so many first things and more lye in this Savanah biome and poof, gone. Because people will never respect the game and most of all they don’t respect others, reminding me the Seagals of finding Nemo, mine, mine, mine, mine…
So if a player just start the game and come here to ask where to find baby rhino’s, or a lion boss etc, we will send him in Savanah right? He will go and witness this. So either he will be disappointed with the game, either with the forum, either both.
This is just an example, how a peaceful player, a player that loves the game, a player that wanted to build in Savanah because the game is providing this freedom, ruining the gaming experience for all the others, without even knowing what he or she is doing.
I cannot explain to you how laggy Savanah is right now in this server, only from this build. How dreadful experience can be done for a new player, so he or she will say, this game is trash, maybe he or she will quit before understanding that he or she leaving one of the best games ever. Pity.
So a building level system could be a part of the solution here. This level will define the building freedom of the map and each admin would choose the lvl that suits his server. But this level should start from 0, allowing to admins to completely build everywhere, even in single player.
I believe that officials should have different building levels too so the player would decide where to play from the building level of the particular official.
Then the players that want to build would choose the lower level officials and the players who want the full package, excellent performance for their fights and not invest on great builds would choose the highest level.
Everybody happy I guess :man_shrugging: and less Zendesk tickets.

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