Admin/Building Settings

Hey guys. As an Admin on a private server. Is there any way to build structures witch allows anyone to interact with the doors. I know others can only open a door u build if they are in your clan.
My reason for this question is. Im building random buildings on map to make it fun for players. But i need them to enter buildings. And it would look stupid if i build with now door as only i can access them.

Not normally. If you are on PC, then there might be a mod that can accomplish what you want to do (maybe the Pippi mod?)

Install PIPPI mod (and join the PIPPI Discord group) and use the ‘Egress’ placeable. Egress allows you to specify who can open a door. Load on Solo and test it out.

All great replies, but he tagged the post PS4. And, the answer is no for consoles. There are no owner tools in the admin menu other than basic sliders one uses for SP. Sorry :confused: I have suggested a couple of times that private owners need more tools that allow for creativity, since most true admins and owners don’t get to participate fully on PVP/PVE-C type servers. But never got any traction. Mods are great, but basic admin stuff like controlling a few spawn points (NPCs), loot tables (what drops off those NPCs), and overall non destructible builds (fro building dungeons, and cities) would be nice.


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