More Admin Tools (& PIPPI Mod Admins - Private Servers Only)

Now here is a tool that makes private servers less hospitable to spam-builds and the littering of craft-stations, etc.: PIPPI-mod Heatmaps.

It is a shame that Admins can only exist on private servers. What a difference it would make if the thousands of Official servers could have tools that allowed an Admin to see all player constructions on the map and remove and moderate as necessary.

A good advert for private serverdom though.

It took me less than ten minutes to clear out all of a clans abuse-builds all over the map; or highlight and clear out a few players that had only been on the server for an hour or two in over a month, but had built over primer build spots.

With the rise in private servers, I do wish that FunCom would include more Admin tools that allow respective Admins to flag certain builds Admin-only and that are therefore excluded from Purge and Decay, gods and damage - also to let Admins have more control over Purge and creating wandering hordes.

Ah well, I guess we can all wish…:smiley: @Ignasi

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