Funcom Broke the game for private servers Good Job Funcom

Great Job Funcom. You removed the ability for Server owners to be able to see the player logs to see who destroys admin placed things. This makes it so the THOUSANDS OF HOURS of custom content is completely useless because the admins have NO WAY to see who did . great job… This should be toggleable for admins or in the server files to allow ADMINS to see it.


This is absolutely awful. I have my hands full already admining a private server with custom content for players. There are always griefers in survival games and I’ve encountered more than a few on the server I run. Now a player can go and destroy public buildings anonymously and I feel like the TONS of work I’ve put into building things for players on my server is completely worthless as it can’t be protected unless I’m online 24/7 standing on top of it.

Did they not make it an option to turn off and on? It sounded like that was the idea…off for all official pvp servers, and on for the rest.

Also, at least the admins on private servers can spawn in and rebuild the things that players destroy. Sucks but its not the end of the world.

End of the world, no. But in my case, I dont even play on the server I run. I spend all day addressing grievances players have with eachother, enforcing rules like allowing new joins 48 hours to build undisrupted, restocking shops, repairing arenas and dreaming up new content when I have the time.

To have no way of safeguarding the time I’ve put in to other people enjoying a game (as a hobby I guess) is really damn discouraging.

It cannot be turned on and off, its just off.


You could do a database rollback as punishment.
This would affect every player though.

Or you do a partial rollback and reset only the buildings of your admin clan.


During primetime I usually have 25 people on. My playerbase is also split between US and Oceania, so in any given day quite a great deal of people are playing. Sometimes I go to sleep, or take care of other life responsibilities. If I were to come back hours after one person did something completely didckheaded and roll everybody back to fix it, the server would go downhill fast.

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