Just some more small admin stuff for PS4 and XBox guys

Mods are not coming to consoles. I know that, and accept it. But i would like to have Funcom do some small things to allow private owners of console servers more creative freedom. These would also be available for PC admins. But really would heighten some of the private servers officially.

  1. Allow me to place NPC’s where ever i want. And they respawn from there on out. Doesn’t have to be infinite amount, maybe somewhere between 25 and 50, but the more the better. Do not have to be tied a thrall spawn table, just the same one over and over. I can delete them via admin if i want to move where it spawns.
  2. Allow me to set the harvest rate for key items. Brimstone,Iron,Demon blood,Black Ice mainly.
  3. Allow me to toggle the settings by day if i want to. I have suggested this, and don’t know if is possible. Would hope so. Allows for more variety, and allow me to accomodate different timezones.
  4. Give as much investigative stuff as legally possible for admins to clear out the trash (toxic players) as possible.

All are possible to do, but every time i restart server, it resets any of those to default, and with #1 erases the placements completely. 1 and 2 would allow for better dungeon creation for private servers, or cities. #3 is more for allowing for more time zone friendly conditions, allowing more world wide interaction. #4 is a little more difficult, so whatever i can get there, the better.

I would be okay to pay for a DLC that allowed these functions, even 3 times as much as a normal DLC because of the stuff we would get. Call it Crom Pack, because you are giving us the tools to succeed :slight_smile:


Admin panel and server settings indeed need love. Dearly even.

To adapt smoother craftsmanship, admins need to be able to place blocks of structure at will directly from their respective menus. Current method is unnecessarily clunky and serves no one.

If you are talking about building bases, i have thought about that with my admins as well. Would love to be able to make certain admin bases on my server un-raidable to create dungeons,stores and arenas. Maybe something different than what we have for normal builds. This way, players will know which bases admins have set up as raid bases, and ones that are not.

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I am going to build the town of Tristram from Diablo and Diablo 3 (town and the cathedral as they were before corruption) into CE somewhere. I merely tolerate the current stage of the tools we have so I would appreciate if devs would acknowledged the need of updated tools. :smile:

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To be clear, i am not looking for a complete building simulator. The game is Conan, and needs to stay that way. But adding paths for making privates more unique with in game stuff is my main goal for paying admins, and possibly SP. As an admin, i just want ways to use what the devs have to a small%. I don’t want any building tools ala Minecraft, just give me access to some in game assets to place and more control on crucial resources as i see fit on my private/SP game. If with those same tools one can accomplish things like you describe, then great. But what i want is to expand on what is in game aesthetically.

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This game is unable to become a building simulator. At least not in a sense how I define a simulator of that kind to be.

Players benefit from developed enough admin tools though. My goal is to create the town so I can play with my friends, produce scenes and quests to revisit dear memories. I can do the town now, no issue there, but it would be a lot less of a hassle. I do SP and Coop; PS4.

Adding a few more—hope your are looking Funcom :wink:

  1. Add a date and time stamp (server timezone) on the top of player list. this would help admins institute offline raiding rules to acknowledge if player(s) were on line when another clan started a raid.
  2. Event log should be in server time zone. this would work with #5 in offline raiding rules for private servers.
  3. Allow Admins to create a loot chest that uses some predetermined tables already in game.
  4. Allow for damage adjustment by weapon type. Let us decide the meta’s on our servers.
  5. Allow for Armor dmg protect by type. tied to number 8 about meta builds.
  6. sliders for damge from thralls/beasts/mini bosses/bosses. (this would be great for SP as well ( @Shadoza )

And again, this seems like a lot of work, but if it was (or some of it) a DLC (King Conan?) that cost me 19.99 i would pay for it. You would be surprised how many people would pay for this SP/Admin expansion.


I would buy an “admin pass” with thoroughly designed server setting set and admin tools for PlayStation in a heartbeat!

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I would pay for admin to be able to build without ownership but be able to lock doors and have single use skeleton keys to open them and placeable re-spawning loot chests and npc’s, then i can build an event castle with boss fights and treasure rooms that re-spawns it’s self over time.

I would also like the ability to flag things as unbreakable and exempt from decay timers but see how something like that could get abused so would properly never happen.


Yes 100% on board with this.
I love building and extra features would be great!

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