Upgrade admin panel please, or introduce console for ps4

Please can update the admin panel for i can change stats, levels to the other players, i m admin of prívate g-portal server and i feel not free to make events and reward wich one level Up For example. Make sense foto the comunity of PS4 , it can grow a lot but need this little things, ty and sorry for bad english


From what I remember, they’ve said they have no plans to add a chat box to the console versions, which would be needed for console commands as well. I actually find this rather disappointing, because of their unwillingness to add this simple feature, a certain item is utterly useless on consoles, if they won’t ever add the chat box, they might as well patch this item out of the console versions, because it’s just a wasted feat otherwise.

I do agree that the admin panel needs some fine tuning, there is a few things that don’t even work on it, like the different weather adjustments (wind, fog and rain), they’re there, but they do nothing.

What item and feat would that be?

The dice, they require the chat box to function, so those items are basically pointless on console at the moment, at least it isn’t a crucial item, but my point still stand that there’s the chance for people to waste feat points on something they can’t even use.

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If is a problem introduce console, i think can add admin items, for example egg of knowledge, even you eat one upgrade your character X. Is only ideas, but i think action for funcom id needed, PS4 server are much limitation for prívate servers. Ty

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I have pinged them before about lack of creative control on private servers for owners.
I think it would add life to the game. Consles will never get mods. But they can add some basic editing features.

  1. Control of levels for other players.
  2. Remove entire clan and their items.
  3. a minimum of 25 unique place able RNG spawn points and loot tables.
  4. Admin Building pieces that are not destructible, only by admin.
  5. Control harvest rates for brimstone, iron, wood, stone separately.

just those four would allow for privates to design cities, remove old structures and control levels.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

Have they gotten back to you? I’ve emailed them 3 times, FB, Twitter, NOTHING. Like atleast give us a “No” so we can stop asking. Console needs an admin console buff. Running a server is hard without being able to know where all builds are. I dont PVP or anything, I just need these things to be able to keep my server clean, and not have to wipe the server.

Instant demolish.
TP to player (know where they are building)
Infinite building pieces - Because building raid bases is a pain in my butt having to always go in to the admin panel to get more pieces.

Those are the only 3 options I want Funcom!

no answers, but they have been knee deep in this fence crash fix, so my hopes is they can move forward with suggestions again.

oof. The next thing is going to be the next DLC, then a whole slew of bugfixes will need to be done. I’m about to give up and just continue to fly around invisible with my foundation! :’(

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