Coming Content for Adminpanel consoles

Are there any major changes gonna happens whats for the adminpanel for consoles? I am a private serverowner 3k playhours+ anf there are so many possibilities to make awesome things on your server. But on pc like pipimod ect such things would be nice! To setup dialouge thralls. To spawn dialoge thralls without dissapearing after a serverrrstart. Tried to made a custom dungeon with spawned in bosses they will attack each other and dissapear too doesnt stand still moving around. Are there any chance something will happen for the adminpanel?

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Having had a private server since about a month after game came out and from what I have read the chances of console players getting mods are nonexistent Sonys concerns with security and most likely Microsoft. It would mean allowing modders access to proprietary information. @Barasius

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