Suggestion: Admin as Dungeonkeeper

I’d like to use the adminpanel to build hostile (to all players) structures on my server and putting enemies, tresures etc into them.
I don’t think this option is allready involved in Conan Exiles?
Throwing enemies on careless players ist one thing, but a planned raid/siege on a ownbuilt fortress with a dragon inside might bei more fun for players?

My suggestion/question:
Would it be possible to align a fraction to a structure/NPC/placeable to create own PVE content like sieges or roleplay relevant developments in serverbased stories?

Unfortunately, consoles don’t have the option for mods.

If this is for the PC version of the game, mods can make this possible within some limits.
Pippi and Dungeon Master Tools would be good for starters. I can think of a few others but if you’re new to admining for this game, it may be better to start out slow with mods.

Also, without know if you’re coming from Steam or the MS Store, this article may or may not be pertinent.

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Thanks a lot, indeed I’m playing in console (PS5) and thought of official Patches/addons which create real content within the features are allready in the game.
If i think of Neverwinter Nights 1&2 we built real 24/7 Servers with evolving servercontent the players and gamemasters created together inGame an aurora-Editor.
Conan even features an inGame editor by admintools and building options, it wouldn’t be that hard to change fractions of a structure/npc I think…
Modsupport would be nice as well for consoles but they must pass high obstacles to be released in PSN as far as I know…

Aww. Sorry about my suggestion then since it won’t apply to your server. Mods have been PC only from the start.

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It stays a general suggestion as well, new skins or building tiles (structure textures?) were no real gamechanging addons in the past, to keep a game alive such improvements to Tools/features would be thankfully rewarded by the playerbase I think.

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