Admins need more tools/flexibility (PC, consoles too)

Hi. Longtime player here. Admin of a few different servers. As an admin I feel pretty limited in what I can do, and often have to resort to workarounds or wacky shenanigans to make things how they ought to be.
I’ll list off what would be useful here, and I’d really appreciate it if some of these could be added to the game in future updates. I know that mods do some of this, but I’d prefer if these were added to the core game.

  • Ability to delete inactive accounts/clans and all their placements/thralls/etc with the admin panel
  • Admin ability to open all player doors and containers while in admin mode
  • Ability to ‘rescue’ another player’s thrall or pet (without item loss) in the event it gets stuck within the map or has switched planes of reality.
  • Ability to add/remove players from clans with the admin panel
  • Changing the names/levels of players and their thralls/pets
  • Being able to place chests/containers that can be used by any player even on PVE/PVE-C
  • Being able to create and modify a starter inventory for all new players who join the server, so they’ll have those items as soon as they begin

I had a few more, but these are the most important to me and would make server management much easier. I hope you’ll consider adding them in the future. Thanks for reading.

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