Any way of making buildings neutral on my server?

Ok, so I run a server via g-portal, and I’ve downloaded the PIPPI-mod, which allows me to create NPCs and quests via the admin console.

Thing is, these Buildings/NPC’s get’s “linked” to me, which then makes my Purge-meter go crazy and making my “NPC village”, meant to give other players quests/somewhere to trade, a target.

Can I make these Buildings a different owner? Or will they forever be linked to me? I guess it’s kind of an “event”, running their and defending it from a purge each time, but I’d rather have it being completely neutral.

Sorry if this thread is misplaced, and thank you in advance. :]

I can’t say for the PIPPI mod specifically, having no experience with it, but it should be possible in general terms to make buildings belong to “no-one”.

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Can you ellaborate on how? :slight_smile:

Oh. Sorry, didn’t mean to be enigmatic. Database editing, basically SQL. Kinda black magic if you’re not used to it, and probably not the best way even if you are (I don’t know how much access GPortal gives their users).

My point was merely that if it’s possible that way, there’s every chance it would be possible with a more user-friendly tool - like PIPPI, for example :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Mikey! I’ll look into it. I’ve been googling like crazy for a solution to this issue. This post was just a longshot.

Perhaps I’ll just disable the Purge feature, idk. But My players like defending their homes once in a while, so I’m reluctant to to so.

I’ve seen this very same question posted before.

What someone else said was that they created an admin clan for all the buildings on the server. You need at least one player besides yourself to be in that clan. You can then leave the clan and make and do other non-admin stuff. Don’t leave the clan if you are the only one in it. That will essentially do what Mikey said to do, make buildings that are not owned by anyone. Trying to get back in the admin clan after you leave will then be difficult, if not impossible.

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Thank you, wildbill! I’ll explore this solution.

Another potential solution is to set the purge to specific hours and require at least one person online for it to trigger. Then avoid those hours, just do not log on during that timeframe.

It’s limiting your interaction with other player during that time, but only 1 purge happens at a time and if in Discord, when someone else is getting purged, you will not be, as long as you log off before that purge is over.

A bit complicated and there are potentially better solutions, but it works. You might get different solutions if you posted the same question in #conan-exiles:Patch-Notes, which would be quite appropriate. Also, Pippi has their own Discord and you ocan get an invitation here

Certainly someone has the same problem and that’s where I would go to find answers. Good luck !



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