Problems with my dungeons on my server

Hi, I have a server with the Pippi mod and the DungeonMasterTools mod and I need help with questions.
I do not know much english
1- I’m creating new dungeons off the map, how can I make the other players not climb the walls?
2- How can I make sure that the purge does not come to me, but only to me, that if it goes for the other players

Use crenellations or enclose the space with ceilings.

You kinda don’t. Usually servers that run admin dungeons have purge turned off. One thing you could try is the Thrall Wars mod. They have admin only blocks that when used as the first few blocks everything else part of the building becomes invulnerable, even the rest is made from other blocks.

Not 100% it works against purge though. It might only be regular damage.

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1- Use fences, or pippi wallpapers with blank PNG. with the options of solid and unclimbable ticked.

2- If you want to have purges, but not on dungeons, as admin, make another Clan, make your dungeon on new clan, and swap your self between clans. You can cleanup purge meter on Dungeon owning clan while having it normal on your original clan. That’s the easiest and cleanest way.


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