Purge Meter avoiding the purge

My purge meter is at the first tick now. I know I am not capable of handling a purge on Siptah at the moment. I have a couple of lynx, a rhino and 2 archer thralls II. My base is made of wood at the moment because it took me a bit to get the materials.

I know the purge only triggers if you come on at certain times.


  1. Does the bar go down like it used to if you remain inactive?
  2. Does it happen offline?

I leveled to 60, just mining and building this insulated wood house of mine. So while I do have some steel weapons, I don’t really have much other than empty benches…other than a tier 1 cook I found already unconscious.

I usually play in the mornings due to work. But I realize that will just keep filling the bar, and Siptahs purges have all been Cimarian’s with star metal weapons. Well above what I could defend against.

I already restarted my character because the last purge wiped everything I had down to the last foundation and everything one shot me.

Should I just log in to stop decay and wait a week?

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I played with a kid last year and he built a altar of sorts that prevents a purge . You could try Google and find what and where.


Ok. Now I am curious. But also concerned that this would be in violation of something.

No its part of the game just like sommoning a surge. When I say kid he was 10 years old not a cheater just more knowledgeable than I am.

You could go into offline game and try to find it in admin if you can not Google

Thanks Sestus. I will check it out!

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You are very welcome. I remember he powered it with some thing .

The Convergence Trap?

That works to Invoke or Revoke a purge:

But you need 200 of those unnamed thinggies…

Probably safer to just be inactive for a few days.

OTOH, I dunno why you think you can’t handle a purge with just yourself and an Archer. Put everyone else inside the base, maybe wall off your base with a temp fence. Lay down a bedroll outside. Then when they come lead them away from the base and kill them one by one. What gear are you sporting?

Another way is to announce the purge is starting and ask other players to help you out. Many will.


Thanks for the info :+1:. My wife and I have run into some very helpful people hopefully he can do the same. If he could get some greyones weapons for his thralls to use would help. Dumb question but official servers purge only hits when you are online right.

Unfortunately, that is not correct.

A purge is unaffected by the target’s availability on official servers. Purges will happen within the server location purge window.

As an example, a California player on an Atlanta server has a purge window of 3PM -7 PM PT.

But you must be online. People keep telling me that off-line purges happen but I’ve tested this to the best of my ability for over a year and it doesn’t seem to be true. Once the horn blows then yes, nothing stops it from happening… the countdown initiates and progresses even if you disconnect. But the horn will never blow if you are offline.

I have had more than a few offline purges.

I’ll never believe it. Even if you show me a video of it (which isn’t even possible) I’ll still never believe it. The only way this could happen is if a clan member lied to you about being on-line.

Even the server settings claim there is no such thing!

Official Server → Server Settings → Purge.

Notice the text: “If set to zero, there needs to be at least one player ONLINE for a purge to start.”

Not on an Official server you haven’t. At least 1 clan member needs to be online during the purge window.

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@Hexsing If you really MUST avoid a Purge, but don’t want to have to stay offline until the meter depletes, or fuss with the Convergence Trap then there is another trick that has worked for years and still works.

If you create a clan, disband it, and then create a new clan, that will clear your purge meter.

Yes, you will get a scary message warning you that you’ll lose all your stuff, but that warning is a bit misleading: it is geared toward individuals who wish to depart from a larger clan. If you are the last remaining member of a clan, and the clan leader (the last member and/or a solo player are leader by default), then when you leave/disband the clan, everything (buildings, thralls, chests, etc.) will revert back to your personal ownership.

I’ve used this trick on both Official and private servers, on both Live and Test Live and it works just fine.


This above. Purges are just bragging rights anymore since the thrall revamping.

Wait…what!!! This is…spendiferous!


This is game changer and it worked. Now I have a fighting chance. I will be able to defend the next time.


@Hexsing Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s a minimum base size before the server will even consider your base as purgeable.

i.e. if you keep your base small enough when you’re starting out, you won’t get purged even if your meter is completely full. The last one I did was only about 20 foundations, and the meter was full for several days with no purge in sight. Only once I built a large castle elsewhere on the map did it finally trigger and attack there instead.