Purge, and repop Bug, please help =)

Hello everyone, I come here to ask you two questions.


We are on a private Isle of Siptah server hosted by Gportal. We have big bugs when we come back to life, the character refuses to move and backtracks. Teleporting admin solves the problem. Waiting 2 minutes also solves the problem but it’s very very disturbing for my players, do you have any solutions?


We built our city on a hill, and unfortunately the monsters come down the cliff and this aimless ride, not very nice the purges…

I saw in the admin commands that there is one called purgelocation, will this solve my problem? I couldn’t find anything on the internet to force the purge to arrive in a specific location. If not, can I cheat on the game, like building extremely expensive buildings to refocus it?

thanks in advance friends,


I’m so surprised that there isn’t a stupid “flag” to say that the purge will start here??? Kind in front of the door of the castle or the city…

as far as i know you can’t force the purge in a specific spot near your base.
(maybe someone else knows a way)
You can however start and/or stop it with admin commands.

The lag could be your base rendering, i have a small base on my own private server(so not gportal) that i connect to through my own local network and even that takes a second or 10 to render everything in.

Probably the bigger your base the longer it takes to render everything in.

thank you very much for your answer friend.

As for the bug, it did it to us when we died and came back to the beach, I don’t think it has anything to do with the size of the city.

For the purge, yes I would like to know how to make it come elsewhere, even by cheating, with this famous command that I mentioned above, or something else,


I believe the exact location can’t be set.

Everytime the purge is rendering every base and outpost of your clan, until it decides to attack, and the attack spot is random.

I have one main base and maybe 10 outposts. When my purge meter is full, right after 18 PM the purge starts showing in the event log, lasting 3 minutes and after that ending (only even log text). Nothing is going on for the next 2-3 hours, just new starting and ending of purge in event log.

When it actually starts, it’s random. Sometimes one of my maprooms, sometimes main base, sometimes another outpost.

thanks for the answer, so ? in the admin commands that there is one called purgelocation ? What is that ?

You have to restart your server 2 times the day and these issues will be minimized!

Purge is a mechanic of destruction, it should not be predictable!
However you can make it almost predictable! Building high may seem correct strategically, but it’s not. When you build you must have very clean area around you and always paths for the purge to walk to your base. Purge must be able to attack from multiple sides (3 is better) so the mechanic will work properly and won’t spawn in your base!

Welcome to the forum fellow exile :+1:t6:!

I have the problem with purge not being able to find the good spot for attacking and my base and outposts are all on the ground, there is easy acces from any side. No islands, no high build buildings. Still have the problems with event log though.

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