Endless Purges!

I’m at my wit’s end here. I’ve looked over all the server settings, all the in-game settings, and I’m coming up empty. I thought I understood (at least roughly) how the Purge worked, but this isn’t making any sense.

So, I run my own private modded server. A buddy of mine and I belong to a clan of 2. I keep a close eye on our Purge meter, and try not to trigger things when we’re both not on. The last few days, however, have been very different. We got a Purge, no worries, handled it. All done, we geared up to go out on the day’s adventure. We weren’t even 5 minutes from home when we got the announcement: Incoming Purge! The Purge meter was super low, having just reset from the Purge that finished 5-10 minutes prior. I’m the server admin, neither one of us wanted to deal with it and nobody else was online, so I cancelled it. Five minutes later, another announcement: Incoming Purge! The meter hadn’t budged, nobody else was online, and all we had done was cover ground & occasionally kill the critters that got in our way. This went on all night long.

Fast foward to this morning. My buddy got on before I did, and he reported no Purges. I log on, go poke around Hanuman’s Grotto, and while I’m inside: Incoming Purge! Okay, fine. Finish Hanuman’s, go home, handle the Purge. Done. I’m still cleaning up the mess when the announcement comes: Incoming Purge! WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K?!?

So if you’re still reading, here’s the problem: why are we getting endless Purges? Purge after Purge after Purge. I read the “Purge 101” sticky, and it made reference to a “Purge Periodicity” setting, but I can’t locate that anywhere, either in the server settings or the in-game settings. I got nothin’. All I know is that for the last little while, we’re unable to get much exploring or adventuring done, because unless I use admin cheats to cancel them, we’re getting Purged over and over and over again. Help!

There is a bunch of Purge settings such as enabling, timers, when a purge can take place (dates/times)


I would check these settings to see if your purge settings are way to quick.

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Sounds like update frequency is set really low, or score to get a purge is low and your trigger them back to back.

(I do this myself to get them back to back, Purge meter empties when it trigger next, and by time that purge is done. You’ve refilled bar only have it empty since it’s about start next purge.

You can also bring server offline, check setting and turn it back on to make sure there all refreshed to setting you have it at.

I’ve messed with some of ones in the in-game menu, which over-ride server setting. Might need to just grab a paper and pen and play match up to make sure you don’t got odd ball value thats just cause it over-ride/glitch another option.

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I know the ps4 has an admin setting to turn off the time restriction such that it will spawn the purge anytime. Is it not the same for the pc?

PC can restrict times of day when the purge can occur, yes. I haven’t messed with that, because my friend (and presumably anybody else who stumbles across my server, hint hint) often plays during the day while I’m at work, and I don’t want to hinder anyone else’s gameplay. The only restriction I have is that there must be one person online in order for a purge to trigger; offline purges are the work of the Devil and I won’t have them.

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I’ll take a peek at the update frequency, or maybe the trigger number. Might be one of those. Any idea what those numerical values mean? For instance, in the screenie @Sir.Henry.Vale posted above, the “ClanScoreUpdateFrequency” is 10. That’s 10…what? Minutes? And the ClanPurgeTrigger refers to distinct actions undertaken during a given update frequency, right? So “crafting foundations” is an action, whether it’s 5 or 100, yes?

The “ClanScoreUpateFrequency” is the setting that can also be seen in the in-game server settings screen under the label “Purge Meter Update Interval”. What that does is a bit cumbersome to explain, so bear with me.

Behind the purge meter for a clan, there’s actually a numerical value, a score of the actions the clan has taken that brings them closer to the purge. Each action has a score associated with it:

  • log on: 100
  • spend 60 minutes online: 62.5
  • kill a player: 200
  • kill a human NPC: 200
  • place a T1 building piece: 200
  • place a T2 building piece: 200
  • place a T3 building piece: 200

However, each of these actions is counted only once per interval. In other words, during the same update interval, it doesn’t matter whether your clan killed only 1 human NPC or cleared out the whole New Asagarth, it will increase your purge meter by 200 points.

The “ClanPurgeTrigger” setting can be seen in the in-game server settings screen under the label “Purge Meter Trigger Value”. When the numerical value of your clan’s meter reaches that threshold, it becomes eligible for a purge.

Neither of those settings should be a problem, because you said your meter isn’t moving, and both of those settings control how fast your meter fills up.

My bet would be that one of your mods is messing something up.


They should fix that you are not able to be purged if you build with Pillars. That is an design flaw with purges.

I run servers through gportal, and by default, when you set up a new server, the score is super low, 2300. Official server settings is 42000. You’ll want to fix that asap if that is the issue.

Also, since you are the admin, you can use the command prompt to help as well. There are commands to clear your meter, fill your meter, and start or stop the purge. Off hand I don’t recall the command but the wiki I believe has them.


Those numbers are super-helpful, thank you! Fantastic explanation!

Yeep. I thought 2300 might be kinda low, but I didn’t realize there was THAT MUCH of a discrepancy. I just bumped my score to 8000, and increased the interval from 5 to 8. Here’s hoping. Thanks!

So, RL finally abated enough that I could sit down & fiddle with my server settings…and you were dead on. I bumped up the score and the check frequency, and my buddy & I were able to do an entire Unnamed City run without triggering a Purge. Yay adventure!


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