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Our Server is set to limit The Purge to the hours between 6pm and 10pm. For at least the last month, We would have a purge happen right at the start time. As soon as that one is defeated. another would start. And so on until the time is over. The Purges are still random in location and intensity. The status bar never indicates anything. No matter how much I build. I just keep getting purges one after another during that four hour window. I fought 6 purges in a row last night alone. I have had to not play during those hours to avoid excessive purging. I suppose I could have my admin turn off the puge or change the time. but I like the purge…This is just crazy though.
On a brighter note. I have collected a whole bunch of Purge Thralls.

You don’t mention whether the server is/is not modded? This ‘might’ be a factor - but also it will be useful to drop a screenshot of the Server PURGE settings in here just in case you have them the opposite way around.

You can try by setting them back to the Core Game Standard, restart the server, in the Console command line enter:


And then monitor?

Turning up purge meter trigger value and purge delay might help.

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That is indeed my suspicion @Wind , but there may be other settings out of kilter too.

Your purge meter trigger value is set to 0 which means that your purge bar is always full by just logging in and being online, then you have 5 min delay set, meaning that you have 5 min before the next purge is triggered. Working as intended I would say :laughing:


i wish i had your problems

all i am looking for nowdays, is to fight the purge

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New Development. I just talked to the only other guy on the server. He said this hasn’t happened to him. Apparently, I’m the only one. Now that’s weird as hell. No?

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