Way to increase the game world

Hello dear developers! I want to offer a few ideas that seem interesting to me:

  1. The ability of players of one server to visit another server for raid or exchange (without the possibility of building and permanent location);
  2. Add a musical instrument so that the player can play the melodies;
  3. Add board games: chess, cards or checkers, so that two players can play them;
  4. Add gold and silver to create jewelry and coins.
  5. Random generation of the server landscape. Formation of the landscape along an adjacent trait: desert - savannah, marsh - jungle, taiga - snowy tundra. Generation is carried out in the form of compilation from pre-prepared areas. For the site, create 5 or more continuation options, each of which has its own continuation, etc. The last sections are closed on the first. When generating a server, the server independently compiles a landscape from such sites. As a result: 1) the server loads will decrease; 2) if you can visit other servers by the players, the size of the territory will become unlimited and will eliminate the monotony.
    Thank you for your work and for the interesting game!
    p.s. google translation.
  1. for private servers to opt in some occasional event that lets you jump into their server to raid would be neat, but not for those who dislike the idea. Nothing would be more aggrevating than being raided by someone outside your server that you cant raid back.

  2. Hopefully one day, I’d rather see musician thralls first but either would add some city life.

  3. City life I’m sure will be expanded on overtime, if not by the dev’s soon enough definitly by the mod community.

4.there is gold, silver, and jewelery already. Not a wide selection of jewelry but its there.

  1. that’d be cool to have but probably not something we’d see anytime soon. They already give us the ability to collect resource nodes that can change the landscape if we build upon it. If they could make more hidden landscapes like boulders closing off a cave or more permanent trees up north to build on/around.