Aesthetic things I would like to see

A few things I would like to see.

.Ivy & wall/table flora - I love the decorative planters, but would like some greenery I could place on walls similar to shelves, I’ve built a chapel that’s begging to be covered in Ivy. Some vases and urns with flowers would be nice too.

.Chandeliers/wall candles (I like hygge lighting as opposed to overuse of standing torches)

.A white/grey building tier - I’ve noticed most of the building tiers look similar in colour apart from black ice, which is a bit Gothic for me, I’d like something more basic castle looking, perhaps with floor length windows and ornate fences.

.Curtains with physics

.More hairstyles and ability to change them in-game, perhaps learning new styles by reading books hidden around the map.

.Some better top armor for females, the option between bra or bulky armor is limiting.

.Custom wall painting - Take an in-game screen shot and have it painted and framed for wall decor.


Curtains that can be put over windows or used as room dividers would be very nice.


indeed, all great additions

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Bigger windows, maybe with glass inside them?


I love the ivy overlay suggestion for walls!!

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