Cosmetic natural decorum

Would like to see more cosmetic items added to artisan tables, most specifically natural scenery items (trees, bushes, rocks, crystals, flowers, etc). These items would just be replicas of the resources you see around the map, but of course only in appearance. They could not be harvested and would act like any other form of decoration (in other words, a structure). I would like to make an enclosed cosmetic garden, even if I’m in the middle of the desert or on the side of a frozen mountain. I particularly feel this would pair well with the Khitan, Aquilonian or Turanian building structures and could make for some really creative and beautiful builds. Thoughts?


Yes this would be a very great addition, the planter options are not enough and only mods can currently fix this (Savage Steel for example), the many plants and trees they add make bases appear so much more alive and believable.


Im on PS4 and don’t have mods, so ive been waiting a long time to place trees and such inside for decoration reasons. And tbh i dont think it should be a paid DLC. Just let us reuse assets already in the game.


always wanted this .
to be able to plants trees and bushes near the build. i like nature in my builds, having a few trees around my house would make me a happy camper.
( have not played since the roll change but still check forums in case a wet dream comes true :))

I especially agree with that last statement, but if they’re only willing to do it as a paid dlc, I won’t complain too much

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I had mixed feelings about the roll update. On the one hand, I hated it. On the other, it made the backflip you can do with the daggers actually useful now, and I love me a good dagger build

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sounds like a great idea! Would love for something like this in game.

If you play on PC you can download the mods easily through steam and play in creative mode like in minecraft to just create buildings and such, I really like doing this if I get bored from normal single player. Building and decorating to your hearts content without farming resources and so on can be really fun as well!
Lately I started recreating buildings from Age of Empires, Age of Mythology and Empire Earth, since the mods not only add plants but many other objects you can create so many different things, for example: the pre-stone age “buildings” from Empire Earth are made out of bones, hides and so on and with mods I can actually rebuild them fairly similar (shadows of skelos extended adds lots of huge bones from whales and so on among many other things) , so I created a whole prehistoric village and populated it with thralls.

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Pfft. We have plenty of natural decorum already. Over there I’ve got several severed heads hanging on that wall, and over here are a number of dancers with not one stitch of clothing. How much more natural could it be? :grin:

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