Nature and door to door sales people

LOVE THE GAME! it is great fun .

question for you, sometimes making builds and laying down a place to live , most of the time it is because of the surrounding scenery. when you log out some of the trees and plants are gone, which i understand that. but since we can create " potted plants ", could we have the option to replace the trees that were once around our area ?

mountain cabin tucked nicely and hidden away from the worries of the world ,surrounded by lovely trees and plant life…only to log back in and now you are in the middle of a football field. all exposed and not a tree in site for a distance , where door to door sales people can find you…

just a thought. keep up the great work got a gem here as long as you take care of it.


Yes I would love to be able to plop down some “vanity trees”, ie not-harvestable like the cosmetic planters. My base looks so much better when I first login (before whatever server message tells the game clients all the trees around are supposed to be gone). It’s not a new suggestion, and given the rather extreme reticence to even allowing the possibility of new building pieces, I don’t hold out much hope we’ll see this.

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In the meantime, if you’re on PC I can think of at least two landscaping mods that allow you to add things like trees, bushes, rocks, and so forth (assuming they still work, I haven’t checked on them in a while).

Or, if you’re on single player or running your own server you can dial back the land claim radius so stuff doesn’t despawn near your base.

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In some ways, I am anticipating CE’s officially supported end-of-life. Because then mods may actually become viable, instead of the current cycle of new-patch-wait-for-dev-kit-wait-for-updated-mods-oh-hey-new-patch. I mean I immensely respect and appreciate the efforts made by the talented modders out there, but I can’t really make use of their work at this point.

I think it’s somewhere under custom game settings or related only to multiplayer server settings?

Huh, I just jumped into the game to check and the option seems to be gone from the single player settings now? That’s lame. WELL, GUESS I’M A LIAR THEN.

I’m not sure if it’s still in the multiplayer settings or not. I’ve always changed it via the Survival Servers control panel on mine.

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It’s under settings for our server called claim radius.

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Yup, landclaimradiusmultiplyer is the setting via the .ini (if using PC). You can set this really low if you want to, like .15 or .10, which is lower then the slider will go in-game.

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My server’s at .10 and it’s pretty sweet. I can build with trees and bushes practically right up against my house and not have to worry about them disappearing.

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thanks for the suggestion, it is under settings still. it helps a little :slight_smile:

Land Claim Radius can’t be changed on some settings.
May not see it. (I think PC user can keyboard it)

example,when starting new character in single player, you can set it. But once games started, its no longer listed.
(don’t own a server, so can’t speak on that)

if you do find setting,
.33 is about 4-5 foundations away. (before stuff goes poof)
.25 is about 3 square out.

I use .33 myself. WARNING thou. Purge will spawn enemies inside/outside claim radius. So they will be next to wall, doors etc when it happens. (sometimes/ussaully further out)

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