Place-able Trees

Place able trees… cause land claim kills them all within set radius. XD

Not all of them mind you… few of normal ones (like two near Algar overlook)

2 of palms, and 2 of pines from north, and 2 of snow version. Just enough to re-tree some of yard. (I play mostly pve…)

They can break just like cup/plate and go poof. No need be fancy.


This would be really cool for pvp too, could use trees and brush for camouflage


Id like them to behave exactly like regular trees, but with a planter around there base. Make them harvestable, by anyone, but with a much longer respawn cooldown. This would enable farms, or forests to be created. Maybe unrealistic, but i love the idea.

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Just more decorative planters would be awesome. I’d love some more potted plants - whether the mightiest tree in the forest or simple shrubbery. All those statues in the game are majestic and beautiful, but sometimes one wants to get closer to nature.


(One that looks nice and not too expensive)


Would be interesting to use it to hide your bases
Or kill low end pcs by spaming trees,

I play with claim radius set .33 (about 3 foundations out)

One of my original homes was,
(house) (space) (tree) (space) (workshop)
So proud of it… only after I left area and came back found tree missing, lol.
All glowing plants in water went poof…

To me, make it work like planters, with out pot. So it takes damage like item and not a tree.
Someone cutting it down in pve would drive me nutts…

I would love trees as decorations. 100HP and they are good to go.

I would also like to see this Sera. In the meantime I have a question for you. Regarding this:

I didnt know that there is a way to adjust the land claim radius! In fact I was about to suggest that a slider for it would be the next best thing. Can you tell me which mode of play you are on? Ie- are you on pc and using a mod, or console using admin? Online, Offline mode? Etc.

“Hey Joe! That tree wasn’t there before was it?”
“Not sure Bob.”
“WTF, the damn thing is moving!”

I’m on Ps4, Land Claim can only be changed when starting new game. (pc user can change it willingly if memory serves) the option wont be there once in game. (there looking into it)

It was rather handy on pve server we had, Allowed alot of peeps to build near by, and made pvp amusing when several user could siege tougher. (used sub-psn to build a base with admin rights) so we could raid it and thralls.

Bush outfit would be funny as hell. lol

Hey Sera and thanks for the reply.

Im actually a ps4 player myself. I play in Offline Singleplayer mode. So can it be changed during play using the admin panel, or as you said only at the start of the game? And do you know if this varies depending on playstyles (ie-online/offline) or not? What mode do you play? Hope this all makes sense.

I play mostly offline solo to,
When you start a offline game,(new game) click custom settings, and in one of menus (letting ps4 rest at moment) you’ll see slider for land claim.
1.0 is default, .33 is about 3 foundations distance.
I wouldn’t go smaller, it seems spawn Purge critter way to close sometimes.

Great, thanks for that. I will see if I can find it in the admin panel too, and will update this post if I can find it.

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