Plantable / decorative trees!

I would love it if there was some way to use trees as decorations. Either a craftable tree that would break and vanish like any other decoration, or something like the decorative planters with a tree in it. I think this would be an awesome addition to any decorators arsenal.


It would be awesome indeed. It’s another one of those “evergreen” (pardon the pun) suggestions that keep coming up (but do keep 'em coming, to show continued interest in the idea!)

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There mods making trees. Sure people love have trees. But as placable, not sooo performance friendly. So imagine a full pve server with plenty tree-lovers on it.
I think that’s the reason they will avoid give trees as placables in most games like this.

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Yeah, I do realize that. Especially since you’d probably have people planting the 100-acre wood, and for better or worse (mostly better) there are no limitations on what you can build in this game.

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I am for having tree planters for the pine trees and palm trees.

Would be as big as a foundation when placing.

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